These are the most outstanding players from Mexico in the tie against Colombia in the Revelations Cup

El Tri debuted in the U-20 tournament held in Celaya with a scoreless draw against the coffee team

CELAYA – Mexico rescued a point against Colombia in the Revelations Cup thanks to an arbitration errorThe U-20 team reached a goalless draw after Diego Reyes, Tricolor goalkeeper, had a bad start in the final minutes and the Colombians opened the scoring, but the central referee called a non-existent foul and annulled the goal of the South Americans.

Beyond the result, there are elements of the set directed by Luis Perez that they had a good performance and that they are the players that must be tracked not only in the Revelations Cup, but also in their clubs to see how they continue their football process.

On ESPN Digital We present to you the outstanding players of this first duel of Mexico against Colombia in the Revelations Cup.

The 18-year-old player does not wear the ’10’ of the Tricolor by chance. The Arsenal element is one of the most advanced for the category and its quality is more than proven in one of the most competitive youth leagues.

Flores was the player who commanded the midfield threads in Luis Pérez’s scheme, in hooking functions, just behind the 9. His imbalance and individual technique are one step higher than the rest and although the goal did not fall, he gave good centers that could not be achieved.

At the end of the game, Luis Pérez, strategist of the Tricolor Sub-20, he confessed that he really liked the game of Marcelo Flores placeholder image and praised his qualities, in addition to saying the things he has to improve.

“A good game and he participated in areas where we needed him and was able to make better decisions in the finishing area, but happy with his participation.”

Jesus Alcantar

The national defender had a solid performance and was important so that the zero was not broken on the final scoreboard. Alcantar plays for Necaxa and at the age of 18 his projection with the Rays continues well.

The Leon player commanded the midfield. He has vision, hit from medium and far distance and is one of the most important players in the emerald quarry. In this game, he distributed his passing options well and opened the field to give it width and seek depth.

He made the double containment with Ambriz and was accurate in recovering the ball, same that he distributed well to the front. Marsical, who plays for Santos, is 18 years old and one of the Warriors’ best youth players.

Although he entered the substitution and had only a few minutes on the court, his imbalance was key in the final minutes and produced goal plays. Campos, who plays for América, is a midfielder and is 18 years old.


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These are the most outstanding players from Mexico in the tie against Colombia in the Revelations Cup