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For the complement of the fourth date of the Uruguayan Basketball League, the faces Malvín and Urupan were seen. The former came from defeating Defensor Sporting as a visitor, while the latter, in their last presentation, had beaten Olivol Mundial at home. Federico Camiña presented a quintet made up of Juan Santiso, Nicola Pomoli, Anthony Hilliard, Emmitt Holt and Kiril Wachsmann. For their part, those led by Esteban Yaquinta jumped onto the pitch with Mateo Sarni, Martín Trelles, Brandon Boggs, Hernando Cáceres and the Lithuanian Zygimantas Riauka. Those in charge of imparting justice were Alejandro Sánchez Varela, Valentina Dorrego and Nelson Infante

The match played at the Juan Francisco Canil gym presented an extremely intense start, in which both teams pressed hard on the first defensive line. The home team had an inspired Emmitt Holt, aggressive when attacking the rim, while the visiting cast hurt in the paint through Zygimantas Riauka and on the perimeter with Martín Trelles. The first ten minutes of play went with the score equalized by 16 points per side, which made clear the absolute parity of that initial quarter. The start of the second boy was really bad, with a lot of dressage and very little basketball. The first goals of the same came just in the absence of 07:15 through the former Athletic Union, Antonio Bivins. With the departure of Holt, who was being decisive on both sides, the beachman was literally without go. A triple by Mateo Sarni gave the Pandense the chance to open a seven-point lead (18-25). It was quickly neutralized by those on Legrand Avenue, who in the blink of an eye posted a 9-0 run to go to the front. During that period, the figure of Federico Haller was decisive, who from the substitute bench gave his team the goal that was missing. At the end of the initial stage, the Canelones offensive began to flow again and in that way they managed to go up to the long rest.

At the beginning of the second half, the visit was at the forefront in the electronic in figures from 32 to 28. In the first bars of the complement, a procedure favorable to those of the industrial city could be observed, which in defense controlled its rival well and in The attack found Hernando Cáceres, who was doing a lot of damage with his shiver from the head of the key. Averaging the third quarter, with two consecutive trays from Felipe García, Pando’s green managed to get an income of twelve goals (32-44). The same thing happened to those on the beach in the second quarter, having serious problems to score and being very vulnerable behind. However, the homeowner’s reaction was swift and with a resounding 14-1 run they took command of the scoreboard again. The intensity of the double base formed by Lucas Capalbo and Juan Santiso paid good dividends on both sides to the blue of the beach. At the hottest moment of the night, Trelles and Ottonello appeared in all their splendor, being key for those led by Esteban Yaquinta to open five units with 1:35 left to go. With a good effectiveness in free practice, Urupan closed the game and ended up taking the victory in figures from 63 to 58, which keeps him undefeated in the tournament, holding a 4-0 record.

In the winner, the figure of Mateo Sarni stood out, who scored 19 points and grabbed 8 rebounds, well accompanied by Martín Trelles with 14 points. On the loser’s side, Nicola Pomoli contributed 11 points and 9 rebounds.

The next commitment of the beach team will be against Biguá in Villa Biarritz, while the Pandense cast will visit Urunday University at the Prado.

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Green beach