Thelma Fardin: “Diego Maradona is an example of horror”

Thelma Fardin

In the years that he lived in Cuba, Diego Maradona maintained a relationship with Mavys alvarez when I was a teenager. Recently, this 37-year-old woman shared that the Ten He had subjected her to situations of gender violence, which had induced her to consume drugs and which had incited her to undergo a breast enlargement operation without the consent of her parents.

The Foundation for Peace and Climate Change in Argentina filed a complaint with the Prosecutor for Trafficking and Exploitation of Persons (Protex) to investigate the crime of trafficking in persons by bringing the young woman to the country “without the consent of her parents ”And“ under pressure ”. Mavys decided to support this complaint and is now in Argentina to testify as a witness this Thursday 18.

In the midst of this context, Thelma Fardin commented on Álvarez’s story in an interview with Juan Etchegoyen in Miter Live: “There are things that are delicate to talk about by zoom and if Mavys wants to talk to the Collective (of Actresses) she is available. Insofar as it is useful because sometimes what you need most is calm, I expressed my support ”.

In addition, the actress criticized Maradona and other international figures who were denounced for abuse: “It seems to me that the most complex thing when it comes to separating the artist’s work and what is done with it. The most complex thing is that money continues to be generated. Michael Jackson, Woody Allen, we are at a crossroads. These people are examples of horror. That is the most delicate. I watch his football and I have been a soccer player since I was very young, I was always fascinated by it. And when I found out about this story and others, aside the most beautiful goal in the world. Above all else, my solidarity with the victim ”.

Then, Thelma reflected: “It is very difficult and as a society we have not solved it. We cannot continue to deify that figure. It is revictimizing for those of us who dare to denounce. It is as if tomorrow Darthés stars in a novel as a father. How are the girls going to denounce him if he is in that place of power ”. Finally, he noted: “The same applies to everyone. I blame myself too. At the time I thought only about his football and when I came across these stories they only spoke about how important the human is ”.

The complaint against Juan Darthés:

The next November 30 will begin in São Paulo, Brazil, the oral trial against Juan Darthés for the crime of aggravated sexual abuse of Thelma Fardin. The actress filed the complaint in front of the Nicaraguan Justice, the country in which the incident occurred, and when the news was confirmed, she shared an extensive letter on her social networks.

November 30 is the oral trial of my abuser, that same day there may be a sentence”, The artist wrote as a prelude to the letter. “This exhausting and painful path finally reaches that instance, so difficult to achieve for thousands in the same situation. Thank you for the strength you gave me from day one and on this final stretch. It will be justice ”, he closed in the post.

Thelma Fardin post
Thelma Fardin post


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Thelma Fardin: “Diego Maradona is an example of horror”