SURPRISE: Syndergaard left New York after signing with California team

By the Russian Uncle / @EraseUnRuso

The hairy right-hander Noah syndergaard He gave us a “surprise” and signed a one-year, $ 21 million deal with the Anaheim team.

I put the surprise in quotes because it was clearly known that Syndergaard was not going to accept the Qualified Offer from the Mets and had already made statements at the end of the season, that his future could be far from the organization that saw him pitch in the last 6 years.

Thor, as he is known for his golden hair, joins the Los Angeles franchise that is in need of arms, mainly of starters where “one Shohei Ohtani” stands out, increasing the chances of qualifying for this team.

It’s all about Syndergaard staying healthy. In his career he has lost practically two seasons and it is something that all the teams took into account, no one was going to give a multi-year contract to someone whose health is unknown.

The sample that we have left of the healthy Syndergaard is very good, a pitcher that touches the three figures and keeps shooting fire for the home throughout the game. A very controlled pitcher and strikeout (2.1 BB / 9 and 9.7 K / 9 3.32 PCL for life), when he climbs the mound he does not stop giving strikes.

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His performance for 2022 is one of the highest pitching expectations, the Halos are a team with several superstars, outstanding guys and a good leadership corps. We’ll see how it goes with Joe Maddon in this new adventure.

What we can be sure of is that Syndergaard will be looking to do his best in the coming season in the interests of signing a large, multi-year contract for the future.

This news arrived on the 27th, tell me on Twitter: @EraseUnRuso What did you think of this firm? Is Thor going to do well?

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SURPRISE: Syndergaard left New York after signing with California team