The scandalous bonuses that explain the ruin of Barça

Eleven million prize for playing at least half of the matches of a season, one million two hundred thousand euros more for overcoming the group stage of the Champions League, three million six hundred thousand as a prize if there is a triplet or an extra fifteen million for not leaving the club in loyalty concept and fulfilling his contract are some of the bonuses that Josep Maria Bartomeu’s Barcelona included in the contracts of its key players when they renewed.

This information was revealed by the program ‘Tú Diràs’ of RAC1 that had access to the contracts of two players that they kept anonymous, but that they are “regular holders” and that they signed their renewals during the term of the previous president.

Some contracts that carry a load in bonuses that explain the gap in the salary mass of the Blaugrana club that the CEO of the club, Ferran Reverter, explained last Wednesday.

The Catalan station detailed in detail the contracts of two footballers of whom it did not say the name but that exemplify the salary riot of the entity, since they areand it showed that certain members of the culé squad earned both salary and bonuses, which were mostly simple to comply with.

Thus, in one of the disclosed contracts it was specified that for remaining at the club in the 20-21 season, the footballer would collect 6.7 million in loyalty. If he continued in the squad the following season, he would receive 2.8 as a prize, an amount that would increase by 5.6 the following year.

All this in addition to a token that is over 13.5 million per season. But there is more: for playing at least half of the games of the season, the footballer in question would receive 2 million more per season in his first year after renewing. This percentage of matches decreased as time passed, reaching 35% of matches played in the last year of his contract.