The reasons for not signing Haaland for Real Madrid

ANDhe The name of Erling Haaland has been on the decision-making table of Real Madrid leaders on many occasions. In the last year and a half in the Norwegian it has been the subject of debate within the Madrid entity. Since the day the doors of Valdebebas were opened to the player’s father and the late Mino Raiola, Real Madrid has always been aware of what was happening around the Borussia Dortmund center forward. Even last week nobody in the white club had ruled out a possible operation around the scorer.

doWhy Real Madrid has never made a formal offer for his transfer and has simply limited himself to establishing contacts to keep the flame alive? Technicians and leaders of the Madrid entity Haaland has always been considered a more than interesting player. They already did it in their Molde time but they preferred to wait for it to mature, as it has done first in Austria and then in the Bundesliga. In all this time the Norwegian has had a great inconvenient close to him, It has been none other than the presence of Kylian Mbappé as Real Madrid’s great objective.

Haaland will play for Manchester City

For many months, No movement has been made at Real Madrid that could hinder the arrival of the French striker. Neither of them has declared himself incompatible with the other, but at Real Madrid they have always been clear that stardom and leadership should go to the PSG player.

Everything has been valued, especially the economy, but also the harmony that they consider essential to achieve success. And that goes through the perfect coexistence in the locker room or at least to avoid circumstances that could disturb the established order. Right now Real Madrid has a humble dressing room, as Carlo Ancelotti rightly said, in which each one does not believe they are more important than the rest. The arrival of Mbappé will already mean a change in the ecosystem and if that’s it added Haaland’s could be too much a blow too hard.

at Real Madrid consider that Karim Benzema still has at least two seasons left at full capacity. The breaks and absences of the French striker at the top of the white attack may be covered by Kylian Mbappé. The PSG player knows it and accepts it.

Haaland ends a three-month drought: double to close the ‘set’ against Wolfsburg

The The economic factor, without a doubt, has also contributed to the fact that Real Madrid will not launch directly for the signing of the Borussia Dortmund striker. Between transfer, salary and commissions, the operation will be around 350 millionjust as MARCA has been announcing for months, an amount considered excessive by the leaders of Real Madrid.

Although it is true that the White’s payroll will be lightened by the departure of players like Bale, Marcelo and Isco, The reduction does not seem enough to face without endangering the stability of the club’s accounts with two salaries of the magnitude that soccer players like Mbappé and Haaland require and demand.

Commissions and injuries

The issue of agents, commissions and the cost of the transfer has also been debated. Football today has changed and all the players arrive hand in hand with an extra cost for the famous environments, which raise their cost. They are assumed, but up to a certain level. In the white club they are clear that there is no need to make exceptions and they have set a limit in that regard. We must not forget that Haaland would not have arrived with the free sign and if with the cost of paying a termination clause of 75 million euros.

In it The issue of injuries did not sit idly by either. They studied their origin and the consequences they could have. The results were positive, although it is true that the repeated muscular problems that he has suffered during this season raised the alarm. In any case, as this newspaper reported, Real Madrid has been attentive and vigilant until last week, in which, due to the lack of that definitive step by the white clubErling Haaland definitely leaned towards the offer from Manchester City, which far exceeded the limit set since Valdebebas for a signing of a great player.

There is no one to stop Haaland: his double to further revalue his value

Now begins the search for who could be in a couple of years that center forward who resembles the current Haaland, that is, the goleador reference for a team like Real Madrid. Something not easy. Meanwhile, Benzema, Rodrygo, Vinicius and… Mbappé.

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The reasons for not signing Haaland for Real Madrid