The offer to Pjanic that could cause his departure from FC Barcelona

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The Bosnian has received an offer for three seasons from Sharjah FC, from the United Arab Emirates First Division

With a secondary role within Xavi Hernández’s team, the player would be meditating his departure from the Barça club

The European transfer market came to an end last September 1st. The clubs of the main leagues of Europe closed their templates at the beginning of the month, but there are countries where the market is still open, as happens in the United Arab Emirates. With his domestic league yet to begin, he has transcended the offer of the Sharjah FCof the UAE Pro Leagueby Miralem Pjanic.

The Bosnian does not enter the starting eleven of Xavi, and seeing his current situation at the Barça club, he would be thinking of accepting the offer from the Arab club, which offers him a three-year contract. In case of receiving the approval of the player of 32 yearsthe FC Barcelona would give the green light to his transfer.

this monday afternoon Roman Fabrizio published a ‘tweet’ where he stirred a little more an issue that seemed closed, -at least for the FC Barcelona– How is the transfer market. With your end to day September 1stEuropean clubs closed their official squads for the season 2022/23but there are other countries where the transfer window is still open, because their season schedule has not yet started.

We are talking, for example, about the United Arab Emirates, which does not start the domestic league until this coming weekend. Knowing that it is a national league and football in the process of expansion, investors in said league are interested in ‘fishing’ for European players to strengthen their league and their football school, as has happened before in other leagues like mls of the USA.

This was Pjanic’s match against Juventus |

The Italian journalist specialized in transfers has announced the offer of the Sharjah FC, of the UAE Pro League of the United Arab Emiratesby Miralem Pjanic. The Bosnian has a secondary role in the team led by Xavi Hernandez. The technician of terrace was surprised with the level of the former player of the Juventus during the preseason, and did not oppose its continuity.

Now, according to the aforementioned journalist, he has received an offer for three seasons from Sharjah FCwho seeing his current situation within the Barça club, with several players ahead of him, would be rethinking his future, which could trigger his departure from FC Barcelona.

From the club chaired by Joan Laportawould give the green light to his transfer if he finally accepted the offer he has on the table.

Pjanicarrived in Barcelona in the summer of 2020, He is one of the four players in the Barça first team who has not played a single minute in the Catalan team’s first four league gamesbeside Memphis Depay, Pablo Torre and Pique. to their 32 yearsthe offer received from the Arab Emirates could be the last big contract as a professional footballer, which makes the international for bosnian He is rethinking his most immediate future and there may be news in the coming days.

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The offer to Pjanic that could cause his departure from FC Barcelona