The Classic of the market is white

Every summer another Clásico is played, the one on the market, with Real Madrid and Barcelona competing for the same players. And in recent times the trend has been the same all the time, with the whites prevailing in that battle. There are several examples to attest to this.


It is the last case. Madrid’s interest was not always the same, it was appeased by the financial demands of the center-back, but he returned after the Champions League quarter-final tie against Chelsea. As a player who was going to arrive for free, Barcelona was very interested, but his choice was Madrid, as he himself explained: “Barça contacted us, but I told my brother (also an agent) that I only wanted to go to Madrid.”


Case very similar to that of Rüdiger, a summer before the German. A defender who arrived for free after finishing his contract with Bayern and with the ability to play as a central defender or winger. He also beat Madrid, who chose him to replace Ramos. Uli Hoeness, former president of Bayern, said that Alaba revealed to him that his dream was Barcelona; the Austrian denied it. In any case, Hoeness convinced him to reject Barça: “Do you want to negotiate with the president or do it with the bankruptcy administrator?”


Barcelona did not launch for the Frenchman, aware that Monaco was asking for 80 million, but was pressured to go for him. Specifically, about Cesc Fábregas, Tchouameni’s former teammate: “I talked to people from Barça about signing him, he’s a great player for the future. But he couldn’t.”


It was reported in 2017 that the Brazilian had chosen Barcelona; the strong man of the culé club in South America at the time, André Cury, had recommended it. But Madrid ended up imposing, 45 million through. “Both of them loved me and I chose Madrid for the project. And I chose well”, explained Vinicius himself.

And many more

These have been the most recent cases, but there were others. Asensio received attention from both clubs when he excelled at Mallorca; Ceballos came to doubt in 2017 before the culé offer; Valverde was interested in several, including Barcelona, ​​although in that negotiation the great rival was Arsenal; even, back in 2008, Modric sounded like the new Cruyff…

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The Classic of the market is white