The call of Mexico that the fans want

The fans showed their annoyance at the last list of the Mexican National Team, because they would like to see other soccer players in Gerardo Martino’s team

Gerardo Martino gave the call for Mexico for the last Concacaf qualifying games heading to Qatar World Cup 2022; however, the players chosen by ‘Tata’ were not to the liking of the fans, as a sector of them considered that they called for more elements or that others with a better moment were missing from the final list.

According to the comments that a certain part of the Tricolor supporters poured into the official accounts of ESPNwe review the call that the fans requested for the last three games on this date FIFA prior to the World Cup draw, which will be on Friday, April 1.

And it is that one of the absences that was most claimed was that of the goalkeeper Charles Acevedo who militates in Santos, because they considered that he lives a better moment than jonathan orozcowho was the fourth goalkeeper on the ‘Tata’ list.

Acevedo has had a couple of tournaments with a high level, since he made himself known under the command of William Almada and despite his youth, compared to the other three veteran goalkeepers, he is key to his team. The fans considered that he had to be the one to accompany Guillermo Ochoa, Alfredo Talavera and Rodolfo Cota.

In the same way, in the defensive back the names of Alan Mozo and Diego Barbosa, Pumas and Atlas players, respectively. Both work as right-backs and the fans asked for them instead of Jorge Sánchez, who is not going through his best moment like América, the club in which he works.

Mozo is one of the figures of Cougars and with his assists and good performance in the offensive part, he has asked for an opportunity, but Martino has not given it to him despite the fact that he likes his conditions. And it is that the side was last year with Jaime Lozano in the process towards Tokyo 2020, but he did not make the final list and has not been able to make the jump to the senior team.

While, Diego Barbosa He was another of the players they asked for, and the fact is that the Atlas winger has had good encounters with the Guadalajara team and has been one of the most outstanding of the squad led by Diego Cocca.

For the midfield, Erik Lyra was another of the names that stood out, and that is that the player of the Blue Crosswho has delivered important moments under the scheme of John Reynoso and who was even considered by ‘Tata’ in the friendly against Chile at the close of 2021.

Finally, in the lead, the name that sounded the most was that of Javier Hernandezand it is that the ‘Chicharito‘ started the season in the MLS in a good way and they considered that he lives a better moment than Henry Martinplayer of America, which was why many put the player of LA Galaxy.

In this way, “Tata” took the criticism and in certain comments the label #FueraTata appeared, as they considered that the Mexican coach has not been up to the challenge.

In addition, other names that appeared, although not with such force, were those of Salvador Reyes, from América; Marcelo Flores, player of the Arsenal; Carlos Salcedodefense of Toronto F.C.and Luca Martinez Dupuy player of Central Rosary.

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The call of Mexico that the fans want