State of emergency: Boca’s future if it is left out with River

1627935537 State of emergency Bocas future if it is left out

Eliminated in the last 16 of the Copa Libertadores for the first time in six years. Confronted with the Government, Conmebol and the Professional League. Twenty-first with three points in the championship. One win in 13 matches. A goal in the last seven. A coach pointed out by how bad the team plays. Ten weight losses. Short squad without replacement. Hierarchy reinforcements that did not arrive and reinforcements that arrived that did not respond to the height. A conflicted figure and stopped going to train. Others that could follow the same path. Does all that trash get under the rug? Can you hide behind the armed robbery of the VAR in the series against Atlético Mineiro? What if Mouth is eliminated with River on the Argentina Cup? Is the year played and more?

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You will hardly find a more complicated scenario in recent years. Maybe there was no cycle since the last of Carlos Bianchi that has gone through deep problems like the ones of today. Precisely the Viceroy’s badge and the hope deposited in his scrolls made it possible at that time to fall so low, stretching the agony, without Libertadores in 2014 and with a 13-game winless streak.

“If Bianchi was not Boca’s coach in San Juan, after the 1-6 with San Martín, we all had to go in a helicopter“he went on to say Daniel Angelici a few months after that painful defeat in 2013.

Today, like that time the Viceroy, Russo Y Riquelme they act as a protective shield thanks to what they achieved in their previous stages and at the beginning of the current one, when Boca won the 2019/20 Super League and the Diego Maradona Cup. Others would hardly have tolerated early elimination in the Libertadores and a similar start in the championship …

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In this context, DT has been losing credit Among the fans who – without open stands in the stadiums due to the pandemic – express themselves through social networks, either complaining about the bad streak that started at the beginning of May or about the team’s football debt.

Riquelme, for now, seems to keep his power intact therefore he gave Boca as a footballer. As if the walk to Makelele in Tokyo, the spout to Yepes and the Topo Gigio had awarded him infinite credit for this stage as a leader, and consequently, everything bad that happens was not anyone’s responsibility …

Nine players already left only in the middle of the year, including many headlines: Carlos Tevez, Mauro Zárate, Ramón Abila, Julio Buffarini, Esteban Andrada, Nicolás Capaldo, Emmanuel Mas, Franco Soldano and Leonardo Jara. Another is already on the same path, with conflict involved, case Sebastian Villa. And several more that could follow the path of the Colombian in the coming months.

In contrast, Edinson Cavani, Roger Martínez and Miguel Borja did not arrive, while Nicolás Orsini, the only nine who arrived, cannot get ready physically and barely totaled 91 minutes. And Norberto Briasco, who put his chest to play in that position, could not stand …

Even so, the poster of the idol does not stain. With Roman in charge, no one questions how Boca happened in two years from having the best team in Argentine football to being on par with any other club. And in the same way, no one wonders why do so many footballers want to leave, as if they were escaping from the Ezeiza property. Perhaps the project is to purify and renew, although Villa’s departure does not seem to be the case, since less than a month ago he was defined as the best player in Argentine soccer.

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The football plan is not known, despite the campaign promise to make it known on the Monday after the elections, and when recently in an interview Riquelme was asked for the first time in a year and a half about his project, unfortunately did not know what to answer …

Banking to Russo is not at any price, as Jorge Bermúdez clarified on several occasions: he has a contract until December 31 and will work with the support of the Soccer Council, but “It will depend on the results, like all”. Likewise, the veteran DT does not need to be clarified. You know very well what Mundo Boca is like.

Thus, after the scandalous elimination against Mineiro, far from the fight at this start of the championship and still to qualify for the next Libertadores, Boca reached a new heads-up with River that became incredibly important and decisive. To the limit of being played in this next stop the year and much more …