Sergio Ramos catches his wife in action and shakes PSG

Sergio Ramos caught Pilar Rubio recording herself in the very close-up and at PSG they only talk about it.

Pilar Rubio is earning the applause of PSG with one of her publications that was branded as very spicy… And not even Sergio Ramos can take his eyes off her! He caught her just as she was taking the commented postcard that is causing everyone a stir.

She has managed, once again, to hit the mark with her content so that literally all of France is talking about her. Even more so since her arrival in Paris, where she settled with the whole family that she formed with Sergio Ramos.

In front of the camera, Pilar Rubio knew how to find the perfect way to be at the center of all the attention for her play and at PSG they are only talking about it.

Although now he has managed to have the approval of the French club, recently he was in the sights of Real Madrid for an attitude that did not go down well.

Sergio Ramos’ wife was involved in a wave of boos by Madridistas, who have branded a publication by Pilar Rubio as treason.

The incorporation of Sergio Ramos to PSG was a big change for Pilar Rubio and her children, who already feel very comfortable in the French capital… And she is even posing in pajamas with the club’s colors! That was branded as a great provocation by Real Madrid fans, who cannot forgive her.

This is the first time that it surprises with content of these characteristics, which it has achieved even more! revolutionize everyone who came across its content.

Sergio Ramos’ wife is very clear when it comes to creating content and there are no doubts about that. When her followers thought they had seen everything, Pilar surprises with a move that leaves everyone with their mouths open… And eager to see more!

Whether it’s scantily clad or in striking outfits, as is the case in this photograph, Pilar Rubio finds the exact way to pose and steal hundreds of thousands of compliments. On this occasion, the PSG pajamas were necessary to put the imagination to run.

What will the next one come out with? PSG fans are already waiting for new content to be delighted by the charms of Pilar Rubio. And yes, several from Real Madrid have already stopped following her to avoid coming across publications of these characteristics.

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Sergio Ramos catches his wife in action and shakes PSG