Roger Espinoza talks about the mistakes of Honduras in this tie, the change of coach and the Spanish team that wanted it – Diez – Diario Deportivo

Early removal of Honduras Heading to the World Cup Qatar It is a situation that has surprised many in the region and several former selected have spoken about it.

One of those who has recently done it is Roger espinoza, the steering wheel of the Kansas City, who since 2018 said goodbye to the H and now regrets the situation that the Bicolor lives.

“Me I decided to retire Before 2018, I could have continued, but I was already prepared to retire due to physical problems. To be in a National Team you must perform at your best, it is not easy at all, “he told Russel García in an interview on a social network.

Espinoza took advantage of the space to clarify that. “The games at Kansas may be good for me, but traveling to Honduras and playing three or four days later I am not going to give my best and the claw is not possible if not you are 100%. Why fool people? I am not to be in the Selection “.


The Honduran player from Kansas City believes that there are good footballers in the country and that the National Team is the best at the moment.

“In the Honduras National Team there are very good players right now, there are those who have to be there. They have arrived two different coaches and you can see that they are choosing a completely new team, few pieces changed. “

And consider that in part the H ha I need a bit of luck. “He has not had a bit of luck The National Team and in that part there has been a lack of concentration, it is football and they have been complicated, but I hope that Honduras will be at another level soon “.

About the mistakes that could have been made. “It is a lack of concentration in some parts that there was always talk of being focused for 90 minutes. You have to know how to measure the times, bad luck and in football there is everything and Honduras has lost.”

He also remembered. “Against the United States we were winning 1-0, the best first half that Honduras has played in the entire tie, you lose that game and from there the mentality and confidence began to drop and you have to work “.

Espinoza was also asked a round of short questions and at the bottom, where he mentioned the footballer who has complicated him the most in his career as footballers and he assured that it was. “David Villa at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa “.

While the hardest he had to face was his own teammates. “The” Muma “because it starts from one”.

Another aspect with which he closed was the options or team that could sign him in Europe and highlighted. “The Spain of Honduras no, in Europe yes, the Celtic a long time ago I think. “


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Roger Espinoza talks about the mistakes of Honduras in this tie, the change of coach and the Spanish team that wanted it – Diez – Diario Deportivo