Riquelme made the Boca Juniors squad get off the bus and had an emergency meeting: “I went to thank them.”

* Riquelme appeared on the bus and brought the entire squad down

One by one, all the footballers of Boca Juniors that were already on board the microphone positioned at the door of the Candy box they retraced their steps after the defeat against Gymnastics. Previously, the vice president Juan Román Riquelme He had broken into the vehicle and, minutes later, the image was already viral: once the idol boarded the bus, the players left it to go back to the locker room.

The manager, strong face of Xeneize and leader of the Soccer Council, he also got off the bus again to go with the athletes. The indoor meeting after action against him Wolf lasted about ten minutes. The vice president had no problem appearing in front of the television cameras posted in the vicinity of the bus. Nor did he wait for the players to arrive at the hotel.

I greeted them … I like football and in the second half they have missed a lot of goals, they made a great second half. From up there one realized that the ball was not going to enter. They pulled her on the line more than once. The goalkeeper blocks an incredible ball from Almendra. Already when Almendra hit the first half on the post and Medina erred with the free goal, I said: ‘Bye, today is a difficult day’ ”, Riquelme excused himself as he left the stadium before the media present. And he added: “The first half was not good, the second the opposite, it was what we want. We are very grateful to the fan for the love he gives us, the support he gives us. Hopefully we can get more time like the second half ”.

When specifically consulted by the meeting, he launched a striking phrase: “Today? Today I went to thank the boys because they are making a great effort. I love the club very much, but the semester for us has been quite long. We started with the Mineiro games, we came back from Brazil, they locked us up in a hotel. They didn’t give us many chances to participate in the tournament because they made us play with the boys. From the start we had to run from behind ”.

“I’ll be honest: six or seven dates ago one looked and saw the fact of the general as complicated. We had Racing, Independiente, Estudiantes and Lanús ahead of us. Today it depends on us. We are above all of them and with Lanús almost the same. The boys are making a very big effort and, in my view, they are doing things well. Hopefully we can achieve what was done in the second half for much longer.”, He sentenced.

Boca suffered a painful defeat against Gimnasia de La Plata on the Candy box for the 19th date of the Professional League and his objective is no longer to reach the leader River, who he was 12 points with one game less, but to fight for the classification to the next Copa Libertadores in the annual table. Today, it seems like a complex goal …

“We know what the Copa Libertadores represents for us. We have the obligation to qualify either for the Argentine Cup or for the tournament to the next Libertadores. On Wednesday we have a final, “he warned the squad before the microphones.

Those led by Sebastián Battaglia, who did not give a press conference, will have a tense duel next Wednesday, November 3 (from 9:10 p.m.) for the semifinals of the Argentine Cup against Argentinos Juniors. “All the games are complicated. They are all important games for us. We represent our club. We are going to face a team that fights and runs a lot. He is not going to give us anything. If we want to be in the final, we will have to do what we did in the second half“Román analyzed about the Copa Argentina match.

At the same time, he said that “Always talks” with the coach and who noticed “happy”. “He is in his club, people love him, so do we. He is fulfilling the dream he had all his life. He wanted to be a footballer, after retiring he had said goodbye as he deserved and now he is directing our club, “he answered about the DT in an impromptu conference near dawn that he broadcast Radio Rivadavia.

The context is delicate considering that they threaded the second consecutive defeat after falling last date against Vélez in the Jose Amalfitani and remembering that they have lost in the classic against River at the beginning of this month: “The team was very tired with Vélez. I was a footballer. I understand that the fan is a fanatic and every game we want to win 4-0. But I have to think like a footballer and it is not easy to play every three days. More when you start the semester and they hit you as big a slap as they hit us in the Libertadores. We were very excited about that Cup. They didn’t let us breathe this semester, that’s the truth. The semester is getting long for the boys and they are doing well. Every time we play two or three games, someone is injured. The boys deservedly need a vacation. “

Roman, for his part, had already been in the focus of the cameras during the match broadcast. Sitting in his box, he applauded respectfully during the minute the game was interrupted at 10 game to honor Diego Armando Maradona on what would have been his 61st birthday. Before leaving the Candy box, Riquelme gave his opinion on Villa: “He is a great soccer player”.


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Riquelme made the Boca Juniors squad get off the bus and had an emergency meeting: “I went to thank them.”