Eddie Rosario’s parents enjoy their son’s achievements in the playoffs: “We are in this, following his dream”

Atlanta. A ‘corillo’ of 22 people led by the parents of the Atlanta Braves left patrolman, Eddie Rosario, is in this city to see him play the three games of the World Series that the team has this weekend at Truist Park hosting the Houston Astros.

Anxiety and adrenaline are at 100 percent even though they don’t have to jump onto the field to play, because of the emotion that overwhelms them to see one of their blood triumph in the brightest stage of Major League Baseball, that of a Classic of Autumn.

For Eddie Rosario, Sr. and María Haddock, parents of the Braves’ left-handed hitter, pride does not fit in the chest. Dressed in red jerseys, the color of the Atlanta team when it plays at home, together with 20 other family members and friends, they occupied a good number of seats in section 116 of the modern and comfortable stadium that on Friday was filled to capacity with 42,898 fans to witness the third game of the World Series.

There, behind the first base dugout, that of the home team, they were all with a Puerto Rican flag that they held up every time the Puerto Rican stood on the batter’s box.

But before the game, The new day He was only able to speak with Eddie, father and María, as the rest of the ‘battalion’ was in a kilometer line to order each one, a ‘jersey’ of the Braves team that employees prepare at the moment, customizing it to the client’s taste.

One hour before the game began, the player’s parents expressed their joy at seeing their 30-year-old son triumph after going through some vicissitudes, especially in the last year.

“It is a great emotion. First, this is a dream come true. Knowing that we have a son in the Major Leagues, every father dreams of seeing his son in his first game here, in a World Series. Having your kid play in this is pretty great. I feel very proud, very happy; We can’t be better, ”said Rosario, Sr., who said that he also played baseball for 17 years during his youth on the island, up to Class A, mostly in Salinas, although he and his family are from Guayama.

Relatives of Braves outfielder Eddie Rosario hold a Puerto Rican flag in the stands during Game 3 of the World Series in Atlanta. (Ram ?? n “Tonito” Zayas)

“I am too proud of him and all my children. Thank God that he has given me a beautiful family. We suffered it and we were thinking that year what was going to happen, and how was the last thing he had that signature … “, recalled Haddock, the mother, about the moment after the 2020 season, which the Minnesota Twins left free the player to avoid having to pay the rest of the contract that was supposed to expire in 2021.

Rosario was thus surprisingly without a team.

“For my birthday, in January, he gave me that little surprise that the Cleveland cap gave me, the team that chose him. And it was a great emotion because it took that weight off our shoulders, that he already had a team and we were going to have a place to go to support him, ”added the mother.

The least she and the rest of the family thought was that it would not be in Cleveland where they would follow him and experience the greatest emotions of the player’s career, but much closer to home, in Atlanta.

Rosario, Sr. and Haddock moved to the United States, to Winter Haven, Florida, just after Hurricane Maria passed through Puerto Rico in 2017.

Rosario said they did it in the midst of the difficult situation in the country, seeking greater stability, but also motivated by the fact that both Eddie, Jr., and a brother were living in the United States.

And although they live far from the island, Eddie’s parents have taken it upon themselves to maintain Puerto Rico’s connection to their son, as they did for this World Series by hosting here in Atlanta at Truist Park.

“We are now living in Winter Haven. We miss the island, of course. The Puerto Rican who does not miss the island who does not go there. But I do miss her and we are going there soon, ”Rosario said.

Haddock, for his part, assured that in December they hope to travel to reunite with the family and their people from the Marín neighborhood in Guayama, during a Christmas vacation.

Joy in Guayama

“Right now my sister and my brother-in-law traveled, and my niece the husband also traveled from Puerto Rico and arrived today (Friday). They are all supporting. The family is huge and they are super proud, because we have always been a well-united family, “said the player’s mother, listing some of the people who came to see Eddie in the classic.

“There in Guayama they love him very much. They have always followed him. But this has been a big thing for Guayama. Everyone is talking on every corner about Eddie Rosario and thank God he has been able to achieve his dream of being here (World Series). We are in this, following your dream. Wherever he is, ”said the mother.

So did the player’s siblings as well as Eddie’s friends and compadres, Haddock said.

Rosario, father, expressed that it is difficult to contain emotions, to the point that sometimes he himself is scandalized after analyzing the things he says or does in the celebration, so he has had to learn to control himself.

“I hope he continues, for me to continue jumping because it is not known if this will happen again in his career. I hope those moments continue (arriving), but you have to enjoy the first (World Series) ”, concluded the father.


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Eddie Rosario’s parents enjoy their son’s achievements in the playoffs: “We are in this, following his dream”