Qualifications of the Mexican National Team after the victory against El Salvador

ESPN presents the notes that the Mexican National Team obtained against El Salvador, in the last duel of the Concacaf qualifying round and in which they secured their pass to Qatar 2022

Mexico defeated 2 to 0 to The Savior and secured one of the three direct tickets it grants Concacaf to World Cup Qatar 2022after finishing the competition in second place with 28 points, the same number of units as Canada but worse goal difference, and three above United States.

The goalkeeper of the Mexican National Team spent the last 90 minutes in the Concacaf qualifying round for Qatar 2022 in relative calm, since El Salvador did not generate dangerous plays and did not finish off the goal either.

Facing a rival with technical limitations and little offensive proposal, the right back had multiple opportunities to project forward down the wing to look for his teammates with crosses, however, he maintains a poor vision and touch of the ball to hit those strokes .

The central defender remained well positioned to stop El Salvador’s little intention of violating his frame and even gave himself time to advance his line and have a greater presence in offensive contribution. At set pieces, his height helped him stand out as a dangerous finisher.

The center-back also had little work to do in his position during the duel. He stood out in the play that generated the first goal of the duel, as he connected the ball with his head after a center by Alexis Vega from the right corner and caused the goalkeeper gave the rebound that Antuna took advantage of to score.

The left back had a lot of freedom to run down the flank and show his skills as an attacker, however, poor crosses prevailed in his boots and he did not stand out in a positive way within the lineup.

The versatile footballer positioned himself as a holding midfielder and evoked his work in distributing balls to the sides to give width to the game and also stepped on the area to support the generation of plays.

Replacing Héctor Herrera and with just a few minutes in the tie (110), ‘Guti’ showed the qualities to be considered a midfield player who can contribute offensively, as he hit most of the passes and found spaces inside the lines rivals to slip in and continue with the plays.

As an inside player on the left, he missed key passes without difficulty that would have meant more goals for the cause. In the complement he highlighted a mid-range shot at 47 ‘, in which he forced goalkeeper Mario Gónzalez to lie on the right side to prevent him from entering the net.

The right winger rose to prominence as the figure of the night thanks to the fact that he responded once again with the Tri shirt, despite being a regular substitute thanks to the presence of Jesús Corona.

Antuna displayed speed, dribbling, overflow and crowned his performance at 17′ with a goal, after a rebound by the Salvadoran goalkeeper who took the opportunity to kick with his right leg inside the left side of the small area.

In addition, at 42′ he caused a penalty thanks to an overflow at speed to connect with a filtered ball by Raúl Jiménez, but before he was shot down by Ronald Rodríguez.

On the left offensive lane, Vega contributed speed and ball stealing, while from set pieces he won the official kicker’s badge with results close to goal.

The center forward did not come out on his best night, as he repeatedly missed the opportunities that came to his boots, however, the above was made up by the goal from the penalty spot that he scored at 43′.


Henry Martin (6)

He came on as a replacement for Raúl Jiménez at 63′ to extend his dominance and arrivals in the Salvadoran framework, however, he also missed a couple of occasions in which he had the opportunity to collaborate in the electronics.

Hirving Lozano (6.5)

The ‘Chucky’ entered the 64′ for Uriel Antuna and his participation was hampered by constant turnovers and fouls by the rival, which prevented his performance from being eye-catching.

Louis Romo (6)

The midfielder entered the 73rd minute for Carlos Rodríguez and showed that the footballing moment he is going through is not optimal, since he lacks prominence in generating plays on the belt of the pitch.

Jesus Crown (7)

The ‘Tecatito’ entered the 73′ by Alexis Vega, but occupied the right wing, and maintained the vertigo with which Uriel Antuna repeatedly reached the bottom line to find a partner inside the area.

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Qualifications of the Mexican National Team after the victory against El Salvador