Promising second half: Nottingham Forest vs Liverpool, LIVE

Nottingham Forest host tough Liverpool in the FA Cup quarter-finals, the oldest tournament in world football.

Minute 59- Yellow for Gómez for a foul against Johnson… and Luis Díaz warms up at the line

Minute 52- Diogo Jota’s shot that lacked power

Minute 48- Nottingham was a scare but Davies was offside

*It is worth remembering that, if the tie persists, there will be extension and definition by penalties


THE FIRST TIME ENDS. Nottingham Forest 0-Liverpool 0. The locals do the task of endurance well, we will have to see how the favorite responds to reach the FA Cup semi-final.

Minute 37- Unproductive corner kick for Liverpool, owner of the ball but without the usual precision on his way out

Minute 28- Firmino escapes the defenders of the red but when trying to puncture it for the luxury he fails and the goalkeeper Horvath disarms him

Minute 21- Lolley’s shot deflected for Nothingham Forest

Minute 18- Fabinho enters the ball badly and the cross shot goes wide

Minute 16- Gomez’s frontal attempt that finds goalkeeper Horvath well placed

Minute 12- Nice shot and nice play by Tsimikas, who barely lifted the ball

Minute 9- Tremendous closing of Worrall to Jota in the area without committing a penalty… luxury

Minute 9- Gomez’s center at the goalkeeper’s hands

Minute 8- Salva Keita in a mess behind Liverpool

Minute 3- The Johnson boy approaches the door of Alisson Becker.. a kindergarten is the base of Nottingham Forest

Minute 2- Elliot’s first approach for Liverpool without enough location


The field is ready for action, starting at 1:00 pm (Colombian time)

Coach Jürgen Klopp has decided to rotate his payroll again and give more minutes to Firmino and Diogo Jota as leaders of the attack. Luis Díaz is a substitute in this duel, a surprise since another decision was expected due to Mohamed Salah’s injury. It’s still an alternative.

These are the Confirmed starting lineups:

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Promising second half: Nottingham Forest vs Liverpool, LIVE