Minnesota to host 2022 MLS All-Star Game

The stars showed their worth in the last MLS All-Star Game And that is why such an important event should not be left behind for all parties, from managers and businessmen to the fans that are presented with their league. The Angels It was a clear example of this and how great an event like this can be and that is why it is time to give a city like Minnesota the opportunity to show off.

It is true, a city that has been in love with Minnesota Vikings and the Timberwolves in the NBA, but football has also done its thing and Adrien Heath’s work reflects this with the connection he has made with the population, as well as his aspirations in the league and cup finals. In this way, Heath will be the one who directs the team that is presented for this edition, but that is only one of the factors that makes MLS happy to have made this decision..

Since the club began playing in the league in 2017, Minnesota United and its incredible fan base have played a key role in the continued growth of MLS and soccer throughout the United States. Just as all eyes in the world will turn to Allianz Field on August 10, the people of Minnesota will be fantastic hosts and ‘Wonderwall’ will create an atmosphere to remember at our flagship event of the summer, ”commented Commissioner Don Garber in the project presentation meeting.

Minnesota and Saint Paul will carry out, in addition to the All-Star Game, multiple activities during a week to get closer to the community, there will be support initiatives, concerts and much more, so the directive of the franchise, through Bill McGuire, They know the commitment that this implies: “We are honored to host the best soccer event in the United States. Together with great Minnesota businesses and our unrivaled fans, this will be an extraordinary event. “.

One more All-Star for the city, but without rival

The Twin Cities were unaware of what it was like to have soccer stars in their area, but they are not unaware of what it is like to hold these magnificent events. This will be the eighth time Minnesota has received an All-Star after the latter were held in 2018 with the WNBA and in 2014 with the Majors. Despite having already made the decision, details are still missing to define the rival that the MLS protagonists face; the last confrontation had it before stars of Liga MX.