On becoming a MILLIONAIRE, Rey Ordóñez SPOKE: “From zero to one hundred there is always a change”

By Migue Guerra

In general, professional sports involve a lot of money, not only in player salaries, but also in sponsorships, match tickets, marketing of sports team products, sports broadcasts, special events, etc.

Baseball is not far from this scenario, and it is more than evident that in the best league in the world such as MLB (Major League Baseball) every day the figures established in the salary contracts of the players are higher.

When a baseball player signs an agreement that grants him such a large sum of money, his life changes almost completely, since these figures are well above the average salary of a worker in his respective country.

On the night of Wednesday March 10, 2021 in the night space of our YouTube channel, the “Complete Swing Show”We had the presence of the star Cuban shortstop Reynaldo “Rey” Ordoñez, who told us how that change in his life was when he became a millionaire by finishing a contract in the major leagues.

Here are some of his words:

“I have always been quite humble, you have your ego, because the hell from zero to one hundred there is always its change because it is impossible that there is not, but I never humiliated anyone, on the contrary, I helped many people here in Miami in thousands of things. “

“It is a very big change, from not being able to buy anything to being able to do whatever you want. It’s a pretty drastic transition, because you say: so much money to do the same, and in Cuba I didn’t earn anything, I earned 118 pesos a month. “

“If I humiliated someone I apologize, but I have always been simple.”

What was the trigger for Rey Ordoñez to go to the big leagues?

“I didn’t even think about the major leagues because in Cuba there was no television in those days, I watched videos of the major leagues when a VHS cassette with an Ozzie Smith game arrived. Actually, I didn’t even have the mentality that I was going to play in the big leagues, I left Cuba for something else. “

“In 93 that I stayed they made the selective of four, as in the old days, I play with Westerners, in the whole year I am the shortstop who hits the most in Cuba and I think that the one who made the most mistakes, Paret and I we stayed in the batting more less even in the whole year, national and selective. “

“They tell me I was in the national preselection … Look if life is great that if I had been regular, I would not have stayed.”

Find out everything Rey Ordóñez said in the following video:

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