Mexican National Team: The traffic light of players heading to the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Two months before the Qatar 2022 World Cup, we present you the panorama of the players who could enter the Mexico squad.

The Mexican team is getting closer to the World Cup Qatar 2022. The national team has four games remaining until its World Cup debut and the pieces, that is, the players who Gerardo Martino you have in mind, they must be at their best level.

Mexico was recently measured before Paraguay and fell 0-1 despite the good performance that many elements presented individually and that seems to have earned their place at the head of the ‘Tata’ Martino for the final list. Now, on FIFA Date, the Argentine strategist will have the opportunity to see other elements in the friendly matches against Peru and Colombia.

Two months before the start of the world competition, the ‘Tata’ Martino It has a base that yes or yes will be in Qatar 2022but there are other elements that are still fighting for a place and others that, apparently, will not reach a place on the plane for the World Cup.

Green traffic light

This section includes the players who appeared regularly in the lineups of Gerardo Martinoas well as those who left good feelings in the last duels that the Mexican team He played in the tie and in friendlies.

William Ochoa

The goalkeeper was the undisputed starter in the fourteen duels of the tie and his outstanding role makes him the guardian under the goal posts Mexicoduring his fifth World Cup adventure at the individual level.

Edson Alvarez

The versatile 24-year-old player is within the coach’s preference Gerardo Martino thanks to the fact that he can perform both in central defense and in contention. Throughout the tie he appeared in ten duels and responded to the trust that the coach placed in his boots. With Ajax he is also a key element and perhaps he is the best element of the Tricolor at the moment.

Hirving Lozano

The Chucky Lozano He just started his journey with Naples and with Mexico he is not going through his best, since he has not scored since October, however, he is to the liking of both the coaching staff and the fans, and forms a point of the so-called ‘stellar trident’ of the Mexican team.

Raul Jimenez

Although he is not going through his best goalscoring moment either, Raul Jimenez He is regarded as the starting center forward in the Mexican teamabove Rogelio Funes Mori Y Henry Martinas well as about Santiago Gimenez.

Andrew Saved

The ‘Little Prince’ was not summoned to the last round of qualifying duels, however, he is the captain of Mexico and a historical player of the team, who is at the gates of his fifth call to a World Cup.

John Vasquez

The defender was considered in the final stretch of the tie, with four active games, however, he stood out for his contribution to the defense of Mexico in view of United States, Canada, Y Honduras. He can also occupy a position in the center as well as in the left lane, so his possibilities increase thanks to his versatility.

The rest of the selected ones that, at the moment, are outlined at World Cup Qatar 2022 are: Alfredo Talavera, César Montes, Néstor Araujo, Gerardo Arteaga, Jorge Sánchez, Héctor Herrera.

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Yellow traffic light

This category includes players who have also been summoned by Gerardo Martino but they do not enjoy regularity with Mexico due to different factors, such as loss of play, injuries or players seeded in their position.

Orbelin Pineda

The ‘Wizard’ experiences a second wind with the AEK Athens and that can be an important factor so that Gerardo Martino take it into account, also Jesus Manuel ‘Tecatito’ Corona He is injured and his recovery for the World Cup is in doubt.

Jesus Gallardo

Although he plays positions that involve the left side of the pitch, Jesus Gallardo has denoted a considerable drop in play and the role as a side, in which he has been seen mostly. That place was taken by Gerardo Arteaga in recent duels, throwing good performance as a result.

Hector Moreno

Although his experience and seniority make him a reliable player, injuries are the big problem, which puts him in doubt to be able to reach the next one healthy. World.

Charles Acevedo

Although the goalkeeper of the Mexican team has name and surname, as well as its substitute, Charles Acevedo25, has options to join as third goalkeeper after a year of Qatar 2022well Gerardo Martino He has alternated this position on several occasions throughout his mandate and was the last goalkeeper called in the duel against Paraguay.

Santiago Gimenez

The 20-year-old striker came to feyenord from Holland and the competition in Europe puts it with an advantage over Henry Martin either Rogelio Funes Mori, who compete in the local league, although Martino likes them. ‘Chaquito’ has had a great start in the Eredevisie with goals in the domestic championship and also in the Europa League, where he has even scored a brace.

Diego Lainez

The arrival of the extreme panties Portugal was the opportunity he needed to add minutes and gain the trust of Gerardo Martino. Furthermore, the injury Jesus Manuel Corona can open one more gap in the position.

Alexis Vega

the player of Chivas it seems that it will be one of those whose feet are headed for the plane Qatar 2022and it is that he lives one of his best soccer moments, which leads him to be one of those considered in the final list.

Carlos Rodriguez

the player of Blue Cross showed interesting things in the duel against Paraguay and it was one of those that had the best performance, so as an interior it can be one of the clear replacement options for the team of Gerard Martin.

Rogelio Funes Mori

The ‘Twin’ has more competition compared to a few months ago, since the striker from Monterey now facing competition from Henry Martinwho is the scoring leader in the local tournament, and that of Santiago Gimenez, which plays in Europe and has already premiered in the Netherlands. The injuries that the naturalized Mexican has suffered have not helped him much in this second semester either.

Henry Martin

The ‘Bomba’ is having a good time and is the best scorer in the Mexican league, so without a doubt it is an element that attracts the attention of ‘Tata’, who has considered it in qualifying rounds and in friendly duels.

Uriel Antuna

Uriel Antuna He does not finish convincing despite his qualities, because despite his speed and technique, he does not finish making that leap to ownership, although the loss of ‘Tecatito’ opens a place for him.

1663115971 71 Mexican National Team The traffic light of players heading to

Orange traffic light

Players who were not considered in the playoffs or who barely earned a call, as well as elements that barely appeared in the last friendlies and who appeal to a miracle to get on the plane to the World Cup Qatar 2022.

Sebastian Cordova

The attacking midfielder Mexican team has lived a last semester of ups and downs; his performance cost him the exit of the Americaalthough tigers It seems that little by little it finds its performance.

Luis Chavez

The player of Pachuca showed interesting things before Paraguay and made the ‘Tata’ Martinowho confessed that it left him with a good taste in his mouth and it could be that he joins as a last resort option.

Fernando Beltran

The ‘Nene’ is a player of the Chivas and with the rojiblancos he has a good semester, besides that he was in the last game against Paraguay and it can be another of the elements that are an option in the midfield.

Julian Araujo

In the last days of the transfer market his name was linked to Barcelona, ​​but in the end the move did not materialize. The LA Galaxy player may be a clear last-minute option.

Marcelo Flores

The youth of Real Oviedo could earn a place Qatar 2022even if it’s as sparring Mexico for workouts. With more minutes in Spanish football, it could be an option for ‘Tata’.

In this category are Kevin Alvarez, Jesus Alberto Angulo Y Vladimir Lorona.

1663115971 789 Mexican National Team The traffic light of players heading to

Red light

Players who seem to have no place in the Mexican team despite the fact that they were once summoned.

Carlos Salcedo

The ‘Titan’ had a controversy with the right hand and main assistant of Gerardo Martino, Jorge Theiler, which cost him the calls and continue in the national team. A subsequent apology offered by Carlos Salcedo He could return him to the team, although the places as central defenders are mostly distributed.

Alan Mozo

The side was the booster pump Chivashowever, has not been required by Gerardo Martino.

The list is completed Jesús Ricardo Angulo, Alan Cervantes, Erik Lira, José David Ramírez, Alejandro Zendejas, Erik Sánchez, Haret Ortega, Víctor Guzmán (Xolos), Cristian Calderón, Francisco Venegas, Ismael Govea, Alejandro Gómez, Adrián Mora Y Diego Reyes.

special section

They are the elements that ‘Tata’ Martino has not considered, but due to their good timing, they can be considered as an exceptional situation to be able to go to the Mexican team.

Javier Hernandez

The ‘Chicharito Hernandez not the favorite of Gerardo Martino And he said it on more than one occasion. Even Tata said that there is no veto, only that his gaze is towards other players. Despite everything, the striker LA Galaxy He is the all-time leading scorer Mexico and can be without problems in a call.

Note: The list was based on past calls and the actions of the players, in addition to information that this portal has about the players related to Gerardo Martino. In the same way, the traffic light was made with what has been seen from the Mexican team until this August 31, 2022, understanding that, after eight months, game highs and lows may occur, as well as injuries or off-court issues.

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Mexican National Team: The traffic light of players heading to the Qatar 2022 World Cup