Madrid could win LaLiga at the Wanda Metropolitano

There is nothing and no one more capricious than fate. And his last play is taking on the color of a capital morbidity: Real Madrid is very close to the possibility of winning LaLiga at the Metropolitan. To do this, you should get to the day 35 (May 7-8) with a distance of 10, 11 or 12 points with his immediate pursuer, something that today is within reach, because that is precisely the stretch that separates him from the rojiblanco neighbor. Translation: Madrid already depends on itself to reach the derby with Atlético without options to be champion and, in case they cut some point, the door would be opened to leave them mathematically KO before their public. but there are two runners more to the rear in the final sprint: Seville and Barcelona.

Casemiro celebrates his blow at the Metropolitan during the 2018-19 season.

The culés seem to have arrived with more oxygen in the last kilometers of the race, something that Lopetegui himself acknowledged: “Barcelona, ​​right now, is not the fittest team in Spain, but in all of Europe”. Xavi’s men do not lower their arms, they continue to believe in their options to lift the League title and overcome what no one has ever overcome: never missed a League after reaching this day with an income of more than 10 points. Never. But ‘you have to believe’, is repeated a lot by Barcelona, ​​where it is taken for granted that the distance will be cut further on April 24, winning the postponed match against Vallecano Ray at the Camp Nou (9:00 p.m., Movistar LaLiga). As AS has learned, there is considerable discomfort in the red-and-red dressing room, since it is taken too much for granted that they are going to lose that night.

Regardless of what happens, the accounts are simple: If Madrid reaches matchday 35 with a maximum distance of 12 points from Barcelona, ​​they will face their first match-ball for the title and it would be… At the Wanda Metropolitano! If he came with a greater distance, he would already be champion; while if the distance were 9 points or less, this bullet would vanish and he would have to wait for the next day, at home against Levante. You need to reach the Metropolitan with a margin of 10, 11 or 12 points; no more no less. In that case, winning would raise your 35th national title in the lair of one of his main rivals. What would be a photograph for history. And what would grossly increase the morbidity of that derbywhich would cease to be one more.

What remains for Madrid

Those of Ancelotti have left eight days: four at home and four away. The teams that have to visit the Bernabeu they are, for the most part, from the middle or lower part of the table. will come first Getafethen he Spanishafter the I raised (with options to arrive relegated or playing a match ball to live) and finally, on day 38, the Betis (a priori, hot for the European struggle). The whites are favorites for these games, although the last one gets special attention, which they aspire to reach as champions.

Regarding the matches out of home… The task is complicated. And a lot. The first departure will be Pizjuanvisiting just three days later Sadar. Two very tough outings in a very short period of time. Then he would travel to Wanda Metropolitanwhere the League title could be at stake, given the assumption that has just been explained and, finally, on matchday 37, Madrid will play in Cadizlair of the worst place in First, but that aims to be risking his life. In between, the Champions League tie against Chelsea. And in case of qualifying, the semifinals, which would be on April 26-27 and May 3-4.

Real Madrid Calendar

Match Date Round
Chelsea-RM 6 of April Champions (fourth leg)
RM-Getafe April 9th Day 31
RM-Chelsea April 12th Champions (round quarters)
Seville-RM April 17th Day 32
Osasuna-RM April 20th Day 33
Semi-Champions first leg? April 26-27
RM-Spanish April 30-May 1 Day 34
Semi-Champions round? May 3-4
Athletic-RM May 7-8 Day 35
RM-Lift May 10-11-12 Day 36
Cadiz-RM May 14-15 Day 37
RM-Betis May 21-22 Matchday 38

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Madrid could win LaLiga at the Wanda Metropolitano