Luka Romero, to Lazio

Luka Romero goes to Lazio. After days of rumors of contacts between the Italian club and Mallorca, the prestigious journalist Fabrizio Romano has advanced the total agreement between both entities for the transfer of what was once the youngest player in history to debut in the First Division. Officiality is expected in the coming days.

Shield / Flag Mallorca

Although Mallorca has not ruled on this matter, it is already striking enough that the young promise was not summoned with the rest of his teammates to pass the medical tests and start the preseason. Aware that it would be difficult to tie Luka Romero, in the entity they have not wanted to force and have given him free until the transfer is definitively closed.

On June 24, 2020, Luka Romero played seven minutes against Real Madrid, thus becoming in the most precocious footballer to play in the highest category of Spanish football. He was 15 years and 219 days old. Mallorca’s relegation to the Second Division aimed to be positive for him. In a lower-level category, it would be easier to have enough minutes to keep growing.

It did not happen as planned. He played 35 minutes on the first day and, since then, only 67 in the rest of the rounds of the national league championship. Luis García Plaza gave him 90 minutes in the second round of the Cup and 20 ‘, in the first against Guijuelo. The great season of Mallorca, always in the first places and with the mind set on the First Division, has prevented his great talent from being vindicated on the pitch.

Even so, according to the specialized portal Transfermarkt, Luka Romero’s value has not declined throughout the million-euro season, due to its enormous potential and the record achieved. Now, at Lazio, he will join a more professional quarry and will gradually enjoy opportunities and growth. For the moment, no amounts have been leaked in the operation nor a nuance that may be transcendental in the future: a percentage in a hypothetical sale.