Liga MX presents calendar and fan ID for Clausura 2023

The tournament for the first semester of 2023 will begin on January 6 and will only have a double date

The first date of Closure 2023tournament of the MX League After the 2022 Qatar World Cup, it will take place on January 6, 7 and 8, 2023, a competition that will start with a double day. This was announced by Mikel Arriola, president of the MX League.

After the club assembly was held, Mikel Arriola revealed that there will be a FIFA date in March 2023, from 20 to 29 and the final of the Closure 2023 It will be May 28.

The double day will be in the seven and will be played on February 14, 15 and 16.

Mikel Arriola announced that in the 2023-2024 tournament, the Champions Weekend of the MX League Los Angeles, which includes the delivery of the Ballon d’Or on June 24 and the Champion of Champions game on June 25.

The first date of the Apertura 2023 calendar will be played on June 30, July 1 and 2, 2023, a tournament that has three double dates planned on 6, 10 and 15.

There will be three FIFA dates so the MX League from September 4 to 13, from October 9 to 18 and from November 1 to 22, 2023.

The grand final of the tournament that will be played in the second half of the year will be played on Sunday, December 17, although this may change depending on the finalist teams.

Fan ID will arrive in Liga MX from Clausura 2023

The MX League may require the FAN-ID from Closure 2023once it received the approval of the National Institute of Transparency and Access to Information (INAI), to be able to carry out the mechanism of recognition of fans who go to a stadium.

“The FAN-IDthe credentialing was for animation groups, but the FAN-ID It is a technological solution, so that each fan has their identification to go to games of the MX League. It will allow the fan to identify himself as a fan of the LIGA MX”, informed Mikel Arriola, president of the MX League.

The mechanism of FAN-ID proposed by the MX League It had to be submitted for evaluation by the INAI, which was approved on November 6, so that it can be launched from the next season.

“The FMF responded to the recommendations issued by the Institute, derived from the analysis of the Impact Assessment on Privacy that the FMF presented before the implementation of the system,” reported the INAI.

The recommendations were to collect less data and increase storage security, to avoid any breach of filtration or risk of information leakage, which were addressed by the Mexican football authorities.

“Among the recommendations, the following stand out: ensure that the risks are controlled in each of the phases of the treatment and the life cycle of personal data; corroborate that there are less invasive mechanisms to achieve security in the stadiums, which collect a smaller number of personal information, and strengthen the implementation of the FAN ID LigaMX, through a planning instrument, which allows clearly defining the stages of the treatment of personal data”.

The FAN-ID was one of the measures adopted by the MX LEAGUE, after the brawl on March 5, at the Corregidora Stadium, in which there was a balance of 26 injured, in a game between Atlas and Gallos. The next season will be launched.

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Liga MX presents calendar and fan ID for Clausura 2023