Lenglet must be a Tottenham player on Monday

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There is already a pre-agreement between clubs for the transfer for a season with an option to buy

The footballer would join directly to the preseason of the London club

Clement Lenglet will be one of the first famous departures from Barça. The Blaugrana club and Tottenham have already agreed to the transfer of the French footballer for one season and the footballer must ratify everything next Monday to immediately join the discipline of the London club.

In fact, Lenglet is no longer expected to visit Barcelona, since he had permission from the club to close his incorporation to Tottenham, something that should be official as of Tuesday at the latest. The operation is satisfactory for the Blaugrana club, since an important chip will be saved and it will allow the footballer to revalue himself in a Champion clubyes

The talks between Barça and Tottenham began after the season. There is very good harmony between the two clubs and last summer they already formalized the transfer of Emerson for about 20 million euros.

Barça already made it clear at the beginning that it was open to transfer as long as the entire salary was saved and Tottenham is willing to do so with some adjustment that must be borne by the player. That is what was being settled in the last few hours and it seems that there is a green light for everything to become official in a few days.

Lenglet has hesitated because he wanted to wait to find a better proposal. Juventus had approached him for his sale to De Ligtbut the Frenchman was not a priority for the Italians and, furthermore, he had to wait weeks before having options.

The center-back has understood that Tottenham is a very good sporting option and agreed to move forward with the operation after speaking with his coach, Antonio Conte, who told him that he would be a important player in the team.

He knows that a good part of his options to go to the World Cup go through playing a lot of minutes and having a good performance in the Premier. Barça is grateful to Lenglet because he is one of the few players who has opened up to leaving after learning that he didn’t count for Xavi and that he has done his part to make things easier.

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Lenglet must be a Tottenham player on Monday