Uruguay lost 73-60 against Brazil for the World Basketball Qualifiers

Uruguay lost 73-60 against Brazil at the Antel Arena on the penultimate date of group B of the 2023 Basketball World Cup Qualifiers which will take place in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia.

Brazil was superior from start to finishcame to have an advantage of 25 points and at the end loosened allowing a moderate recovery of the light blue.

Rubén Magnano’s team began playing with Jayson Granger, Bruno Fitipaldo, Martín Rojas, Gonzalo Iglesias and Esteban Batista.

The Uruguayan team

The rest of the squad was made up of Luciano Parodi, Santiago Véscovi, Joaquín Rodríguez, Agustín Ubal, Emiliano Serrés, Sebastián Ottonello and Kiril Wachsmann.

Brazil, by Gustavo Conti, did it with Marcelinho Huertas, Georginho, Lucas Dias, Lucas Mariano and Rafa Mineiro.

This is how the group positions remained. Uruguay and Brazil were already classified to the second phase where the points will be carried over. That’s why it was so important to beat the Brazilians at home.

Colombia and Chígile play at 10:40 p.m.

Equipment PTS pjs PG PP GF CG diff
Brazil 10 5 5 0 435 307 115
Uruguay 8 5 3 two 369 369 13
Chili 5 4 1 3 265 312 -47
Colombia 4 4 0 4 293 374 -81

In the second and final phase, Uruguay will play with the three best group D that will be the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico in a key where Cuba also plays, accumulating four defeats.

On Sunday, at 8:30 p.m. also at the Antel Arena, Uruguay will play against Chile their last game in the first phase of the Qualifiers. Tickets are sold at Tickantel and the match will be seen exclusively on DirecTV.

First quarter

Brazil was much superior at the start taking advantage of its physical advantages.

The visiting team had a goal when they attacked the rim and when they moved the ball in attack looking for the best placed player to hurt from the perimeter.

Bruno Caboclo, Georginho, Rafa Luz and Lucas Mariano scored five points each. The team shot eight triples and made four.

Uruguay seemed very stuck in attack (Granger stood out with two triples scored in three attempts and a total of seven goals) and very weak in defense. So much so that the team had to give a free kick at the end when Brazil had only four seconds of possession left and they were allowed to shoot a triple that was successful.

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Ruben Magnano

Second bedroom

Uruguay took the game to a friction stage and was able to partially curb Brazil’s goalscoring potential.

The second quarter ended 21-20 for the Brazilians who went into the long break 11 points up (43-32).

Granger grew to 15 points. He tried one more triple and scored it.

Iglesias scored two triples and Véscovi one for a total of six out of 14 attempts.

Brazil dominated the rebound (21-10) and distributed 10 assists against five of the light blue.

Rafal Luz and Bruno Caboclo with nine points were their top scorers after the first half.

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Bruno Fitipaldo, 9 points, 1/6 triples

Third quarter

Brazil never took its foot off the accelerator and he always made Uruguay feel his physical and basketball superiority.

Marcelinho Huertas appeared in action in attack and climbed to 12 while at the same time dishing out four assists.

Rafa Mineiro also left with 12 points.

Brazil spread the scoring a lot and overwhelmed Uruguay on the rebound (35-20), preventing the sky-blue team from taking a single offensive rebound.

The visitor came to have the maximum difference in the match in that partial. 25 points (62-37).

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Luciano Parodi, only 2 points

Last room

The best of Uruguay’s game was seen at the start of the last set with a very good entry from Joaquín Rodríguez.

It also happened that Brazil finally took their foot off the accelerator because the match was already defined.

Finally, Magnano’s team managed to reduce the deficit to 13 points.

Granger was the best for Uruguay with 20 points, five rebounds and two assists. He shot eight 3-pointers and hit four.

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Jayson Granger, the most remarkable

Wachsmann was the other leader in rebounds with five and Fitipaldo the one with the most assists, with four.

Rafa Mineiro was the top scorer for Brazil with 15, Rafa Luz had 13, while Lucas Dias was the leader in rebounds with 10 and in assists with six.

Check out the full game stats here.

“We played very badly”

“We had bad percentages, to beat them we had to play a perfect game and we played very badly. They are a very big team with many variables and in the first half they were very successful,” Fitipaldo told DirecTV as soon as the game ended.

The match

First quarter: Brazil 24-12
Second quarter: Brazil 43-32
Third quarter: Brazil 62-42
Final: Brazil 73-60

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Uruguay lost 73-60 against Brazil for the World Basketball Qualifiers