Laporta: a freehand mandate

Laporta a freehand mandate

Joan Laporta I won the elections on March 7. Intense weeks preceded him in the race for the presidency with Vctor Font and Toni Freixa which have been followed by hard months with many, important and varied pulses. The president goes from battle to battle.

The league

The pandemic has notably affected the Barça economy, which has seen its income reduced by between 250 and 300 million euros

uros, which obliges to lower the cost of clothing, which cannot exceed 70 percent of its entries, according to the regulations of

The league

. The president looks for a way out for players and negotiates with the heavyweights of the bloc a salary readjustment to solve the problem, but he also hopes that


relax your posture


The league

For the moment, he is firm, but the president does not lower his arms. He does not give up the war for lost.


The continuity of the Argentine is one of his ambitions. Since becoming president, the president has been in contact with him and with his father and agent,

Jorge Messi.

He has convinced the international albiceleste, who was determined to leave a year ago, to continue in the

Camp Nou:

a month ago I reached a

principle of agreement

which must be ratified as soon as the problem of the wage bill for clothing is solved.


The Barça attacker was the last months

holding off to sign your renewal

. The player is released in June of next year and the club has already made it clear that if he did not expand his link, he would be relegated to the stands. To this Board, which has the support of


, his pulse was not going to tremble. The injury of the French international has caused him to change his position and the last contacts between the two parties have been positive and


is now close to signing its continuity.

Heavy weights



is obliged to reduce the cost of his wardrobe and the club, himself


in person, he has asked the heavy hitters,

Piqu, Alba, Sergi Roberto and Busquets

, a readjustment of their emoluments. He still does not have everyone’s OK, but the talks are progressing and from the dispatches it is believed that there will be an agreement in the next few days.

Initial negatives have faded

. There is optimism.


The high demands of the young midfielder, with whom they have been negotiating for months, to expand their contractual relationship have caused the club’s exhaustion, and


has given order not to make more offers to the youth squad: or accept the last proposal to renew or be transferred. The president has made it clear that

in no case will he go free in June 2022

, which is when your link ends.

Economic resources

The difficult financial situation he encountered upon arriving at the

Camp Nou

, because of the pandemic and the management of the previous directive headed by

Josep Maria Bartomeu

, has caused Laporta to have to look for sources of income, with sponsorships and credits.

Has obtained a loan of 500 million

from Goldman Sachs. The institution now breathes calmer and can face the immediate payments that it had pending.


Joan Laporta

has defended the presence of


on the

Super league


has been belligerent with UEFA and LaLiga

. The president defends the creation of the

new competition

, which would involve a new and interesting source of income, and he is sure that it will eventually come to fruition.