Koeman: “I would also like to have Mbappe, he is one of the best in the world”

How do you rate tomorrow’s game against Getafe, a team that has deserved more than it has?

It is true that the image of Getafe in the first two games has been positive. Against Sevilla they deserved something more. We will have to be very focused.

Do you understand that the fan is frustrated with the market?

On the one hand I understand it, because the fans want the best for this team, but you have to be realistic. We cannot compete financially with City, United or Paris. You have to work to change things. It will last a while, It will not be from today to tomorrow. It will be different over time. Pedri at 24 will not be the same as at 18. But we are excited about recovering the injured.

What did they tell you to tell you that Umtiti was staying?

It is not good to talk about names. The club knows what I want and who I want. I respect the players, but some know that it will be very difficult to have minutes. If we get them all back, we will have 31 or 32 players. That is not explained in the coach course.

Who will wear the 14 or 10?

I neither know nor care. It’s a club thing.

How do you rate the Champions League calendar?

The important thing is the rivals, not the order. It is attractive to me for facing Benfica. What counts is tomorrow’s game.

Would you understand that there was talk of a transitional season?

I am not in favor of thinking like this. You have to show a winning mentality, but you have to be realistic and we cannot fight to be the best in the world.

Are you in favor of Araújo not traveling with your national team?

There are difficulties. The change of date is crazy and even more so knowing the distance there is. The clubs pay these players. You have to come together in Spain to decide. It’s club theme.

Are you worried about Madrid signing Mbappe?

If they have the money, let them sign it. He is one of the best in the world and I would also like to have him.

How long is Ansu missing?

Do not be confused with the images. He still has a long way to go and we can’t set a date. Forget that he can return to Sevilla, he needs more training, more strength and more physicality. We’re not going to take a risk with him.

Is it important to tie home games?

It is always important. Last year we dropped quite a few points.

How do you think the Ilaix case will end?

I don’t like to talk about this case any more. It is up to the player, his people and the club. There are interested clubs that have to pay.

Do you trust players like Pjanic to leave?

There are not many days left. Players like Pjanic are searching. His attitude is very good, that’s why he makes the list. They can enter 23.

How about the amounts paid?

These are absurd figures in these times. They all have problems. For me it is crazy to pay so much as the world is.

What is the difference between Pjanic and Collado?

There’s no difference. Collado knows his situation. There is a lot of competition for him and he has to find a solution to play.