Preventive imprisonment for the four implicated in the horrific murder of Edison Martín Olivera | Daily Change

Seeking to finalize the proceedings regarding the homicide of the 31-year-old Edison Martín Olivera Sosa, who was murdered and mutilated, the Police yesterday transferred the four implicated in the case (three male and one female) to the Criminal Court to testify, in order to pass judgment on them. This homicide has been investigated since Tuesday of the current week, where the body was found in a field located in the Cien Manzanas neighborhood, scattered in several places. After taking a statement from those implicated, Dr. Augusto Martinicorena -First Shift Prosecutor for Salto- provided information on the sentence to those implicated in the murder.
After the hearing, Martinicorena stated that “we ended the hearing to formalize the investigation that the First Shift Prosecutor’s Office team had been conducting together with the Investigation Unit of the Salto Police Headquarters, it is reported that approximately 72 hours after the findings were made known, the investigation was formalized and as a result of the same Prosecutor’s Office requested the indictment of four people, all of legal age, three male and one female “and continued” in the case of one of the males, for the alleged commission as perpetrator of a crime of especially aggravated homicide, a crime of vilification of a particularly aggravated corpse and a crime of arson, all concurrently in a real reiteration regime, and in the case of the other three persons, they were charged with a The crime of concealment as perpetrators, as for the precautionary measures, the Prosecutor’s Office requested preventive detention for the four pe In the case of the first male accused of homicide, the preventive detention was requested for a period of 180 days in order to continue with the investigation and timely present the corresponding accusation and in the case of the other three persons, the precautionary measure of preventive detention for 150 days for the same purposes.
Martinicorena added that the investigation will continue to be carried out and the process of the same will be reported. Asked about the motive for the homicide, he said “primarily it arises that there was an argument inside a farm between who turned out to be the victim and who was charged with murder, which culminated in an attack by the author with a sharp object, such as a rod. , in the area of ​​the victim’s forehead, in the skull, a penetrating injury that perforated the skull and the encephalic mass, which affected the neurological centers and that determined the death of the victim ”. On the other hand, he explained that there is a lack of information to ensure that the discussion was generated by drug deals. “Although we understand that the fact would be quite clear, the participation of other people is not ruled out in absolute terms and according to the evidence collected so far, the death of the victim would have occurred on Monday around midnight” ended.