Kalidou Koulibaly: “They called me shit monkey”


10/04/2021 –

ANDl Calcio is once again hit by another act that, by now, should be banished from the playing fields. The same protagonist, Kalidou Koulibaly, who suffered the racist insults during the match between Fiorentina and Napoli, confirms it on their social networks and in different languages, in case it is still necessary to reveal this type of absolutely deplorable acts.

“These subjects have nothing to do with sport, you have to identify them and keep them out of any event,” the central Senegalese of Napoli has signed this morning.

The event occurred after the match played in Florence between the leader, the Napoli, against the Fiore, which is fifth. The locals went ahead and, 10 minutes later, those of Spalletti tied. In the 50th the final winning goal will arrive. At the end, the players went to the dressing room and Osimhen, Anguissa and Koulibaly began to suffer racist insults. The first two, according to the Italian chroniclers, even smiled. The Senegals do not. On the contrary, he replied: What did you call me? Monkey? Come here and face me. “

Apologies from the Florentine club

The witnesses of the episode tried to calm the spirits to the point that even the Florentine club I expressly apologized to the player. However, the federal prosecutor is investigating the act, above all, to hold the perpetrators of the discriminatory event accountable.

For his part, Osimhen, the sensation of this start to the season in Italy, wanted to leave a message last night about what happened: “Talk to your children and make it clear how disgusting it is to hate an individual for the color of their skin #saynotoracism “.

Calcium Support

It is not the first case of racism recorded this year in the Italian Serie A: in fact, three weeks ago, a Juventus fan directed racist insults to French Milan goalkeeper Mike Maignan during the league duel between Turinese and Milan. Juventus located the person responsible thanks to the cameras of the Allianz Stadium and prohibited him from accessing the sports venues for life.

And in that same line, what happened does not seem to have fallen on deaf ears, since the messages of support to the Senegalese central Napoli have not been slow to arrive. Milan has been one of the first who have wanted to reveal their criticism and complaint, making clear the rejection must be joint and that it cannot take place, not only in football or sport, but in society in general.