Urshela, Judge and Odor: the heroes of the Yankees pass to the playoffs

Obviously a season cannot be judged by their last game, but there will be time for long analysis, here is only to comment on the performance of three players who seemed key in today’s game of the yankees and that helped define his pass to the playoffs of Big leagues: Gio Urshela, Aaron Judge and Rougned Odor.

Colombian Gio Urshela and his miraculous catch …

What of Urshela it is more than soulish or spiritual if you prefer it than something else … his spectacular catch in the 4th, diving headfirst into the Tampa dougout may not have the weight of the next two plays on this list, but it represented a change of mind between the Los Mulos players … And the fans of the stadium.

The applause that Urshela took ignited the fans and players, his return (visibly in pain) brought him a giant ovation in the batter’s box …

Urshella was in charge of igniting Yankee Stadium with a single message: we are here ready to do everything to win, even head to the opponent’s dougout for a foul ball.

And that was a big thing.

The Venezuelan Odor with the hit that gave hope …

Rougned Odor sparked hope in the ninth with a hitting drive that opened the door to the Yankees’ winning run.

His lineup today has a lot of drama also after Boone and his coaching staff confirmed the injury at the last minute DJ LeMahieu, the Yankees’ third baseman.

Odor came in to supply him and look, what baseball is, he hit his biggest hit of the year. And beyond today, his presence has been a welcome boost for the Yankees, becoming since his arrival one of the most beloved players in the dougout.

The Judge with the hit that handed down the sentence …

Who has never been a bully cluth? What does not appear in the big moments?

Aaron Judge has been in this closing of the season the most important player in the Yankees, the player that fans dream of and the reason why he is one of the faces of the Major Leagues.

The Judge has said present by hitting one of the most important hits of his career in NY … not only because it means the pass to the wild card (perhaps a small step for many if you think about the payroll of the bombers), but for Judge and the milestone that is for your career.

Judge, NEVER, never, never, had hit a walk off hit… what a moment he chose for his first time, right?