John Sutcliffe on ‘Tuca’ Ferretti: “They expect a very tough determination at FC Juárez”

Ricardo Ferreti made homophobic comments at the post-match press conference FC Juárez vs. Tigers; He apologized and clarified that he did not mean to offend anyone

The FC Juárez board expects a strong sanction against coach Ricardo Ferretti who, in a post-match press conference based in Monterrey, issued homophobic expressionssaid ESPN reporter John Sutcliffe.

“Since yesterday I’ve been contacting people in Juárez and they say ‘that’s what’ Tuca ‘is like, he never meant it that way.’ Last night there was a zoom to ask ‘Tuca’ what happened and in Juárez they expect a blow ”.

“They expect a strong determination, whose will it be? I don’t know, but in Juárez they expect a very tough determination, “he said.

At the end of the meeting between Tigres and FC Juárez, Ricardo Ferretti became the protagonist of the press conference, by repeatedly asking if there were ‘old women’ or ‘fags’ in the press room, so that they will start with the question and answer session.

The technical director of FC Juárez, when initiating the questions of the reporters, tried to give the floor first to the womenAs he usually does, however, since he did not have female reporters in the press room, he insisted in a different way as to who should start the conference.

In an interview for ESPN, Ricardo Ferretti apologized for his expressions, but made it clear that it was never his goal to offend anyone..

“I am a very old person. I understand the problem that I do not update on certain things. My relationship with the Monterrey press is natural and very different. I have no homophobic problem. It was not my intention and if anyone was offended I apologize ”. concluded.


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John Sutcliffe on ‘Tuca’ Ferretti: “They expect a very tough determination at FC Juárez”