It is celebrated with Miller

The first minute was played with great uncertainty and intensity. It was difficult for both to score, Manuel Romero from his pike involved Charles Hinkle in the post, and Quincy Miller with his fourth distance shot. However, Olimpia closed in a 2-3 zone and could contain the 1 × 1 of Romero and Moglia. The Bag in the defensive zone rotated its defense, being able to bother Colón’s men, who broke through the center for Basualdo to take his shot, from the outside launch he found Marquardt’s hand to seal the first quarter 22-16.

The second ten minutes had more actions by both quintets. Martín Larrea assumed from his entry and placed 4 points but Colón’s team placed the ball low with Basualdo, and it did not take long for it to go to the line. Zylbersztein indicated a square one to contain Charlie Marquardt who had a high shooting percentage of three. The hands of Brian García, Dogliotti and Juan Viana, opened a 5-point lead in favor of Jauri’s team, but a quick triple by Romero caused the alarm to go off on Jauri’s bench to ask for a minute. After the same, Basualdo set free; At the long break, those of Colón had a 43-36 advantage.

The third quarter Nacional started pressing the entire court. Johndre Jefferson found his game in the post and began to damage, with a single pass plus break, leaving only three on several occasions on a firm footing to Santiago Moglia. El Bolsa posted a 12-1 run in 4 minutes, and the problems went to put Colón to sleep. The shots were forced and he felt that. But who was always fine was Charlie Marquardt, along with Viana who broke up and genre for the group. The last minute had too many losses and each defended with a 2-3 zone. Nacional went up in figures of 62-58.

The last quarter was the most even of all. Nacional had control of the time and the score, on the other hand Olimpia made the wrong way forward, he threw when he should have generated a game situation in 1 × 1. The balance was not effective, allowing Nacional to run the court 1 × 0 and the Purse managed to take a 6-point lead towards the end of the match. However, only two medium-distance shots put Olimpia in a game; in the latter he found a game situation but failed near the rim. Nacional was able to modify his defense repeatedly to confuse the rival, and from there he took the game taking an advantage of 11 with one minute left, nobody takes away the victory in figures of 85-71.

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It is celebrated with Miller