Joan Laporta: “I do not rule out the return of Messi and Iniesta”


11/17/2021 –

Joan Laporta was radiant at the presentation of Dani Alves. As happened with Xavi, more than 10,000 fans gathered at the Camp Nou and the president sang the anthem with Dani and staged his joy in front of so many fans. “Dani represents spirit and character,” he said on the same lawn at the Camp Nou. Later, he spoke again at the press conference.

Alves’ role

“Thank you for coming back. We will do it again, Dani. It is a day full of emotions that are repeated from when he came to the Bara. Alves is a person who has made himself, has fought, has talent and prints character wherever he goes. the player with the most titles in history. He told me that he wanted to come back and help this team that is being formed. Physically he is a gifted person. I remember he told me the first time he came he was walking or running 20 km. to get to the school when he was little. He’s a person who likes to compete and that he transmits to the team. “

Xavi’s role

“I told Xavi that Alves was willing to help. He told me that Alves is one of the people I need in the team. And from here the signing started.”

Return Messi and Iniesta

“I do not rule it out. It has happened with Dani. And I want to thank him because he has seen the situation of the club and wants to come to help. I also thank him for making a financial effort. We are going to reverse this situation, but now he has made this effort It is to be appreciated. They are people who have made this club great. Messi and Iniesta are spectacular, I cannot predict the future, they are still playing, but they have made the club great, we always keep them in mind, although now they have a contract in force with others clubs and you have to respect it, but in life you never know. “


“Each specific case. It depends on the negotiations we do with the first team. Some have gone as we want and others are in process. We are now focused on getting income and reducing the enormous expenses we have to have a salary margin. We carry it with respect because this cannot be imposed. We have to be didactic when exposing it. I hope that soon we can announce other renovations. In general, the answer is satisfactory. “


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Joan Laporta: “I do not rule out the return of Messi and Iniesta”