Javier Aguirre: America, the golden opportunity to vindicate ourselves

Monterrey reaches the final of the Concacaf Champions League with four consecutive defeats, where it will collide with America

The strategist Javier Aguirre considered that the final of the Concacaf Champions League against America is the golden opportunity for Rayados to vindicate himself with his audience, after the four consecutive defeats they have in the Apertura 2021.

“We have not been regular, in Juárez we were not, León and Querétaro, in addition to not being regular, we could not score, we have a significant deficit, everything is being worked on, tactical concepts, individual technical aspects, the physical and mental issues. , the player is very beaten, hurt, it is normal for criticism to come, but we have to endure.

“We must understand that we have a golden opportunity to vindicate ourselves before our people which is Thursday and in 90 minutes to turn it around and reverse the situation, “he said.

Javier Aguirre He said that his team was hurt after the defeat suffered against Necaxa, within the fifteenth date of this contest, but that now they must turn the page.

“We were very bad, frankly bad, because we could not beat the rival at home, we did not have much clarity, in the League we are very bad, but we have this historic opportunity to reverse the whole situation in four daysWe have to work well, get mental, it is a different competition and we have to go for it, it is a final, the team is turning the page, the bitter drink of the fourth defeat in the League, the fourth consecutive defeat, there is no excuse We’re in a very bad league, ”he added.

The helmsman recalled that for this game against the Rayos he made movements in his line-up in search of giving rest to various elements so that they arrive well at the final against america and it cost them.

“It happened that we moved the team, seven or eight players who usually do not participate, that’s what happened, we tried to have fresh people for Thursday, a squad of 20 players plus those from Expansión, we used three players, that’s how we are, we lost the Heading in the League, we have two games left to see where we end up, ”he concluded.


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Javier Aguirre: America, the golden opportunity to vindicate ourselves