James Rodríguez leaves Al Rayyan aside and confirms his rapprochement with an old love

James Rodríguez would be about to leave everything in order to return to an old love. In social networks he already had a gesture that was taken as a confirmation.

James Rodríguez is on everyone’s lips and it is not precisely because of his football performance, but rather because of what he is doing off the field of play. In the middle of his arrival at Al Rayyan, it seems that he has already put it aside and would be thinking about returning to an old love … Daniela Ospina?

The marriage between the player and the model-businesswoman came to an end long ago and, despite the divorce, they continue to maintain an excellent relationship for the love of their daughter Salomé. The little girl keeps them together and in constant communication about everything related to their upbringing.

Despite the good vibes they may have, the truth is that there is a rumor going around them for a long time and that it was enhanced after James Rodríguez spent his vacation in the company of Daniela Ospina. Both were seen in the Dominican Republic, where they celebrated their daughter Salomé’s birthday, in Colombia and also in New York City.

Now, through her Instagram account, Daniela Ospina taught that she is taking care of little Samuel, James Rodríguez’s son. The little one stays in the apartment that Daniela Ospina has in Miami and, from there, has reported showing how she feeds him with her daughter Salomé.

Just a few days ago, Daniela Ospina and James Rodríguez were linked again by a message that she threw on her profile and that made his mother react!

“Everything that is done with love transcends and what transcends leaves an eternal meaning”, wrote Daniela Ospina and the rumors did not take long to get stronger, assuring that it was a phrase dedicated to James Rodríguez.

María del Pilar Rubio, the player’s mother, was quick to react by placing emojis that betrayed her surprise, followed by several dancing emojis … As if it were a way to celebrate the reconciliation between Daniela Ospina and James Rodríguez?

The rumor that is running with great force is that James Rodríguez would be seriously thinking about the direction to follow and that, probably, it will bring him closer to Daniela Ospina and her daughter Salomé.

By way of adding fuel to the fire, the player had a gesture that was branded as a kind of confirmation to so many speculations. James Rodríguez follows Daniela Ospina on her Instagram account, which for many is a clear gesture that she is quite dependent on everything she does.

Although many believe that it is pure good vibes to be parents of a girl, others are convinced that in fact it does it to see all the publications that their ex is sharing. The approach is real, the intentions only they know.