Infantino is a disgrace to world football

FIFA President Gianni Infantino with the Club World Cup trophy

Giani Infantino, who will celebrate six years as FIFA president on the 26th of this month, has become a pain for world football. It is recalled that when he took office, winning the ballotage by 115 votes against 88 for Kalifa Salman bin Ebrahim, 4 for Prince Ali bin Al Hussein and none for the French leader Jerome Champagne, the stated objectives would be modernization and transparency. And that his management would begin by investigating the designation of Russia 2018, but especially Qatar 2022 due to the sustainable suspicion of purchased votes.

But nevertheless at the first FIFA Congress under his presidency, he dispensed with the irreproachable leaders who worked hard for him to arrive and occupied those positions with others. Most of them hired professionals and as such, employed by a large employer named Infantino. The Disciplinary, Appeals and Ethics courts –among many others– are made up of officials who earn generous salaries, plus per diem. This is how this former Platini assistant came to power, a nice presenter of UEFA draws, a valued collaborator of the FBI in 2015, the times of the FIFA Gate… It was that time in which corrupt leaders of South America were arrested, but also disqualified Platini, his former boss, by the story of a very close confidant. That sanction also dragged Blatter, who could not hold the position of president for which he had been elected.

Dispensing with, among others, the Domenico Scalas (Italy), the Fernando Mitjans (Argentina), the Hans Joakim Eckerts (Germany), the Connelly Borbellys (Switzerland), the Larry Musendens (Bermuda), who did an impeccable job so that there was an investigation deep and clean elections in FIFA, his response was to end those cycles. What it meant to start a countercultural era, whose results are this dread that we attend with concern.

In these hours the president of FIFA is a man who:

—He is being tried in Switzerland for indications of criminal conduct when he was caught in conversations with prosecutor Michael Lauber, holder of the García Report,-

—You never disclosed the 990 pages of that Garcia Report, in whose pages – it is suspected – the votes obtained under bribery for Qatar to organize the imminent World Cup are clear, when in reality it should have been played in the United States, at the request of the legitimate votes.-,

—He is not tried by the FIFA Court of Ethics, since its members are his subordinates, how to investigate the employer?.-,

—He has just proposed a World Cup every two years and tours the world to persuade him of his fanciful benefits,-,

—This ridiculous initiative confronts FIFA with UEFA, with CONMEBOL and with the International Olympic Committee, since holding a World Cup every two years would annul the continental and Olympic competitions. It would also demand a devaluation in the calendars, since they are the continental competitions organized by Conmebol and UEFA, the most valued by fans around the world given their sports and epic content. And in the same sense, the Olympic Games are included, which in football have offered us great teams with players like Messi or Neymar,-,

—To argue this nonsense, Infantino has said something inexcusable before the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in Strasbourg. It was when the president of FIFA, among other barbarities, said: “With World Cups every two years we give hope to refugees so they don’t have to cross the Mediterranean.” And he continued: “We give dignity to African players who can play in Europe…”,-.

—For Infantino, the dignity of migrants consists in getting to play in Europe… Which also implies that Europeans, like slavers, use the “poor Africans”. What disrespect and even worse said on the same day that in their attempt to survive, 18 African migrants drowned in the Mediterranean and another 330 were rescued on the coast of southern Italy. It is probable that Infantino is not clear about the concept of dignity, since he does not seem to have incorporated it as an essential human value,-.

—He came to investigate the Qatar headquarters and lives luxuriously in Qatar, opened a FIFA headquarters in Paris and another in New York, earns millions of dollars a year, travels on private planes or helicopters and has more alternation with politicians, executives, princes , sheikhs, emirs or sheiks of Arabia than with leaders or protagonists of football,

—He took charge of FIFA to make it transparent and a holding company of Arab investors controls the Manchester City company that owns 27 clubs – not 27 players; 27 clubs- and it goes for more, in such a way that Guardiola receives players like Julián Álvarez –a huge crack– as the subject of an investment with no place to locate him today or in the immediate future.

—It is clear that Infantino handed over FIFA to the Arab capitals and will be its articulator for those modifications that turn soccer into another game of the game that we know and enjoy. Maybe 4 beats instead of 2; perhaps unlimited changes like in the NBA; why not the 1-minute interruption requested by television or the half-hour intervals for an artistic show like in the NFL?

—FIFPRO, an association linked to FIFA that brings together 38,202 players from 41 countries so far, does not want to know anything more about Infantino.

—The ECA, which is the European Association that brings together 220 independent clubs in Europe, are calling for an immediate change in the conduct of world football.

Fortunately, Conmebol chaired by Alejandro Domínguez and UEFA led by Aleksander Ceferin – confederations that gave him the 88 votes to win the presidency in the second round – in line with the IOC, will not give in to Infantino’s subjugation. These leaders whom the FIFA president betrayed with his actions – “Long live South America”, he said when acclaimed – will be the bastions on which we trust so that this wonderful game, the most beautiful in the world, continues its path of greatness.

This curse that means Infantino is headed to divide world football as it happened with boxing, as it will probably get the votes for its madness of the biannual world cup. He knows how to buy votes and he has the money to do it… It would be painful for everyone. Unless someone from some unknown planet proposes the idea of ​​declaring football “Cultural Heritage of Humanity”. Maybe that will free us from the Infantinos, their investors from Saudi Arabia and the laundering of obscene money that stains football.


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Infantino is a disgrace to world football