In Pumas they do not make the ‘ugly’ to ‘Tuca’ Ferretti, but there is nothing clear

Carlos González, coach of the U-20, and Pablo Bennevendo do not anticipate a possible arrival of Ferretti, but both see it with good eyes

Ricardo Ferretti is one of the main options Cougars to take over the technical direction after the departure of Andres Lillinidespite the fact that there is no formal offer on the strategist’s table, however, they know that “it is done” at home auriazul.

Carlos Humberto Gonzaleztechnical director of the U-20 category of Cougarsdid not get into trouble after being questioned about the rumor that exists of the potential arrival of Ferretti to the first team.

“It is done here, just like us, but you would have to talk to Mejía Barón or the president to clarify those doubts,” he said. Carlos Umberto after his team’s victory over Tigres in the first leg of the category’s Apertura 2022 quarterfinals.

While, Paul Bennevendolateral defense of the first team of Cougarsdid not anticipate the possible arrival of Ricardo Ferretti and confessed that he is going to be happy with the coach who comes to the team.

“It’s starting from scratch with a new coach, working, showing him and yourself and that whoever is standing in front, if you trust yourself and work well, there are more possibilities,” said the player after he went to the Quarry to support his U-20 teammates in the game against the Monterrey team.

Bennevendo He also stressed that the essence of the club is to trust the youth and the youth team and shared his gratitude with Andres LilliniWell, it was the Argentine who made his debut in the highest category.

“That is what Pumas is about, it is what has been worked on several years ago and it is the essence of Pumas, which has always worked with youth players, with young people and that is the main thing. Each coach has his ways, but that is the essence of Pumas”.

“In my case in particular, Andres Lillini This tournament gave me the opportunity to debut and the confidence, but these are football things, it’s a shame, but this happens in football, “concluded the youth.

So far, the board has not made a decision on the future of the university bench, but on the desk of Miguel Mejía Barón, sports vice president, there are several names and even the representatives of some strategists have already contacted the high feline spheres.

Meanwhile, the feline hobby asks for names like Ricardo Ferretti or that of Jaime Lozano, who currently directs Necaxa.

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In Pumas they do not make the ‘ugly’ to ‘Tuca’ Ferretti, but there is nothing clear