“I did not come to Madrid by accident”

Luka Jovic has given an interview in the local media Informer, in which he has talked about how he sees his future at Real Madrid and all the criticism that he has received based on his performance in recent seasons. The Serbian forward does not rule out another loan, although he seems to make it clear that his intention is to continue in the capital and fight for a position. In addition, he defended himself by those who doubt his level with this sentence: “I did not come to Madrid by accident“.

It is unknown if the tip will finally return to look for a new destination, on loan, as I did in winter with Eintracht Frankfurt. However, he does not seem overly concerned on the subject: “I did not speak to the new coach Ancelotti about my situation. The beginning is to prepare and I have to give everything I can at all times, try to impose myself and be as prepared as possible for the new season. “

In fact, he sets new goals and defines himself before those insinuations that he has no level to play under Carlo Ancelotti: “I know what my goals are. I try to make a positive impression and show what is best. A lot has happened in the last two years. Sure it could have been better, but I want everything to be better in the end. I did not come to Madrid by accident“.

“I have not spoken with Ancelotti about my situation”


A possible assignment

Even so, Karim Benzema will start as the undisputed forward one more season, something that will put the Serbian in trouble. Asked about the possibility of going out again, Jovic puts a series of conditions and returns to vindicate his talent: “Some things would be important to me: being in a quality league and having a place to play. After so much time in which I was more off the field than on the field, at my age, if there is a loan, the priority is to be in a club that recognizes enough quality in me to be a consistent choice starting at eleven. “

Given his stage and after the projection he showed before arriving at the Bernabéu, it is not reckless to say that he has come to a halt in the capital. This is how the journalist raised it, but Jovic, convinced, immediately corrected him: “You cannot lose anything being in Madrid, you can only win. You play with the best players in the world, the goal is to always be the best in each competition. The organization of the club is perfect. You can’t go backwards in such an environment. “

“You cannot lose being in Madrid”


Pressure and criticism

Jovic’s figures, of course, are not at the level of expectations. But in the process, he has had a serious problem: injuries. The constant physical problems have not let the Serbian international breathe. “Of course, playing for the biggest club in the world comes with a great responsibility. I have no problem with that, nor do I have to deal with any kind of pressure. I believe in myself, I believe in my quality. I know my worth. expect a new season and opportunities for new tests. The only thing I hope is that after a long time, I avoid injuries completely. The rest will recover“, sentence.

He also refers to the media and the criticism he has received in them for his level. In this case, he is understanding: “I respect the media and I believe that they do their job in a professional way. The Real Madrid player is under constant public scrutiny and it is normal to write about my every step. It doesn’t bother me. I accepted that as a part of my life. “

Finally, he was excited about the World Cup that is to come: “I hope to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar. That is our common goal. It doesn’t matter how much or when I play. It is up to the coach to assess who deserves a gap on the field at all times and we have to make the most of the minutes. We started qualifying well, with the arrival of Stojkovic a positive energy appeared “.