Hugo Pérez evaluated the role of Enrico Dueñas in the selection

The coach of the El Salvador national team, Hugo Perez, spoke in the Güiri Güiri al Aire on the role of Enrico Dueñas in the national team in the World Cup qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022.

In the first window of the octagonal, Dueñas saw action in all three games, although he was only a starter in the “Azul” loss to Canada 3-0 in Toronto.

According to Hugo Pérez, he liked the way Enrico played, and pointed out how difficult it is to play a qualifying round in a first call for the national team.

I liked that he is not hiding, he is young, he is 20 years old, it is his first round, it is not easy and the pressure is heavy since you are not used to the country, to the playing field, you come and you are one of the youngest, you face players that he does not do it in Europe, I liked his way of playing and it will be one of the “10” that I am looking for in the future, it will be important on this date FIFA, I have it in mind to call him again in October“commented the helmsman.

In the FIFA window for October, El Salvador will face Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico. The “Azul” will play against the Costa Ricans away from home, while against the other two teams they will do so at the Cuscatlán stadium.


  • Hugo Perez
  • Enrico Dueñas