Henry Martín’s former partner who now plays for the El Salvador national team

‘La Bomba’ and ‘La Joya’, who were in the Xolos of Tijuana, meet again in Cuscatlán

In 2015, Xolos from Tijuana they boasted two players of basic forces who commanded the attack in the defunct Copa MX: Henry Martin and Loving Moreno. The two, promises at that time, meet again in the Cuscatlan, as national teams, one of Mexico and the other from The Savior.

Henry Martin It was ‘La Bomba’, but Loving Moreno was ‘The Jewel’ of the basic forces of the Xolos. The now player of The Savior came to the border team after starting his training at the New York Red Bull and immediately shone as a player of the team of Tijuana.

“We work a lot, Amando and I, in the new Xolos facilities, we talk a lot, even though he is American and I Mexican, we agree on many points and we know that we have a lot to give to this institution,” he says. Henry Martin, back in 2015, in an interview he did with them Xolos to both players.

Loving Moreno had the possibility to play for Mexico, USA or The Savior, because his dad, Carlos Moreno, is from Guerrero, her mother from the Central American country, and was born in the United States. Of the three nations, only the USA once summoned the former attacker of the Xolos and The SaviorWith the arrival of Hugo Pérez, he noticed him.

“On Mexico They never listened to him, but he was the U-20 star who was champion in the MX League in 2015 ”, says one of the directors of the Xolos, who prefers to remain anonymous.

TO Henry Martin it debuted in 2014 César Farías already Loving Moreno Miguel Herrera gave him his chance. ‘La Bomba’ and ‘La Joya’ who were in the Tijuana Xolos, meet again in Cuscatlán, although now one as a striker for the Mexico National Team and the other as a player from El Salvador.