Trayvon Martin’s parents commemorate painful 10th anniversary

Trayvon Martins parents commemorate painful 10th anniversary

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – “It was a light drizzle. I will never forget the day.” A decade later, Tracy Martin still remembers February 26, 2012 like it was yesterday. It has been ten years since the death of Trayvon Martin, a Miami Gardens teenager who was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch captain in … Read more

10 Years After Trayvon Martin’s Death, Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law Has Continued to Expand

10 Years After Trayvon Martins Death Floridas Stand Your Ground

Supporters of Trayvon Martin march in Florida on their way to an NAACP rally in March 2012 following his death. Getty Images The death of Trayvon Martin in Miami at the hands of a zealous neighborhood watchman sparked a national reflection on issues of race and justice, inspiring social activism that paved the way for … Read more

LeBron reflects on Martin’s death and social activism

LeBron reflects on Martins death and social activism

LOS ANGELES — Trayvon Martin was just 17 years old, the same age that the eldest son of Lebron JamesBronny, when George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, shot him to death 10 years ago this week. James’s response to Martin’s death, including a famous tweet from the Miami Heat with their hoodies raised, was the … Read more

Henry Martín’s former partner who now plays for the El Salvador national team

‘La Bomba’ and ‘La Joya’, who were in the Xolos of Tijuana, meet again in Cuscatlán In 2015, Xolos from Tijuana they boasted two players of basic forces who commanded the attack in the defunct Copa MX: Henry Martin and Loving Moreno. The two, promises at that time, meet again in the Cuscatlan, as national … Read more

America’s Cup 2021 | Conmebol opened disciplinary proceedings against Marcelo Martins | Bolivia

Americas Cup 2021 Conmebol opened disciplinary proceedings against Marcelo

This Tuesday, the footballer Marcelo Moreno Martins, Bolivian striker and scorer, harshly attacked Conmebol after positive cases of coronavirus occurred during the Copa América 2021 held in Brazil. The player made a controversial publication on his social networks where he said: “Thanks to you from Conmebol for this. The fault is all of you. If … Read more