Guatemala beat El Salvador at Audi Field

This Friday night The Savior and Guatemala they held a friendly duel at Audi Field, in Washington DC United States. The match was dominated at first by La Selecta, however, Guatemala worked with patience and scored the opportunities they had in front to finally take the victory by a score of 0-2.

Both teams jumped onto the pitch with alternative teams, mainly with young people, as the idea was to give them a greater blank and a unique opportunity to show themselves. Guatemala came from less to more in the game and at minute 19 ‘they went to the front on the scoreboard through Christopher Ramírez, who after a filtered pass defined with his left-foot inside to beat the Salvadoran goal.

Just two minutes later, Pedro Altán would put the final 0-2 and in this way they would define the game in his favor from the first half. Altán received a center to the heart of the area from the left wing and defined with relative comfort, since La Selecta’s defensive line was misplaced and the goalkeeper was beaten after a bad start.

El Salvador tried to press the accelerator and in the complementary part the strategist Hugo Pérez resorted to several changes to give an offensive variant to the team, However, the team could not find the key to the goal and in general terms they were left to owe to their fans tonight.

La Selecta, with its sights on the Octagonal of Concacaf

El Salvador will have to turn the page and focus on their next commitments for the World Cup Qualifiers in CONCACAF. La Selecta will be measured on Thursday, October 7, against Panama in Cuscatlán; on October 10 they will play against Costa Rica at the National Stadium of Costa Rica and finally they will close the day on October 13 in Cuscatlán against Mexico.