Juan Soto would be valued at more than $ 500 million in his next contract

According to the specialized portal Spotrac, the 22-year-old Dominican would plan an extension of 15 years and US $ 503 million

At just 22 years old, the Washington Nationals player Juan Soto continues to attract the attention of fans and at the same time consolidates itself as one of the great superstars of today.

In the midst of an excellent second half and plunging into the NL MVP conversation, some dare to project Soto’s market value.

This is the case of the portal specialized in contracts and payroll of professional teams that assesses the possible extension of the contract that the Dominican would receive according to the estimates.

According to Spotrac, for the first time in its history, its valuation tool calculated that a player would earn more than 500 million dollars in his next contract and this would be nothing more and nothing less than the Dominican Juan Soto.

The tool that takes into account similar players based on age, contractual situation and statistical production, takes these contracts to adjust them to the years that Soto has, analyzing various statistics to have an estimated value.

The players taken into account for the comparison are his compatriot Manny Machado, the third baseman. Anthony Rendon, the multiple MVP winner Mike trout and one of his rivals in the race for the National League MVP, Bryce harper.

According to the figures, Juan Soto would be receiving an average annual salary of US $ 33,582,697, which would give a total of $ 503,740,455 in 15 seasons. The agent for the querqueyano is Scott Boras.

As of today, the Dominican hitter receives a salary of $ 8.5 million dollars per season, is eligible for arbitration in the 2022 season and could declare a free agent at the earliest for the 2025 season. Enjoy Major League Baseball games on Star +.

At the moment the Dominican has already won the batting crown in the National League in 2020 and was champion with the Nationals in the 2019 season, while he is in the battle for another batting title with his ex partner Trea turner.