Cristiano and his future: “If I were 18 years old, I think I would not sleep”

Cristiano Ronaldo spoke this on the microphones of SIC Notícias to analyze Portugal’s debut this Tuesday against Hungary, which will mark the beginning of the Portuguese participation in Euro 2020.

“The team is ready, it is a difficult game against a team that will play at home with a full stadium. But the most important thing is to be us. Be concentrated, focused, with a positive spirit and everything will be fine. “

Cristiano also spoke of the possibility of reaching Ali Daei as the national team’s all-time top scorer: “Records run naturally, they are not a goal. If I score tomorrow I will be happy because it is a sign that we are closer to winning. The most important thing is to win, the records come later. “

Cristiano was also asked about Portugal’s style of play, which won the Euro 2016 without practicing a good game: “As they say, the important thing is the results and the rest are talks. What we are going to try is to reconcile the two things, but if we don’t, I will sign at the bottom: it is to play and win, “he ended.”

The Portuguese crack also referred to COVID, which has affected the Portuguese delegation with the positive of Cancelo that separates him from the tournament: “I don’t think it’s a big factor at the moment. The more we focus on something, the more concentration will drift towards it. It’s a shame that João tested positive. We are not worried. We are not talking about Covid-19. It is a subject that tires everyone. The team is focused. For many, it will be the first European. We follow all the indications. We are not focused on that issue. “

Finally, he was asked about its future and on whether the Euro can shape it: “I have been playing at a high level for 18 years, this issue does not tickle me. If I were 18 or 19, I think I would not sleep thinking about my future. The focus is on the national team.”