Chronicle: Chivas arrives on a roll to the final phase after fourth consecutive victory

Miguel Ponce scored the winning goal down the stretch for Chivas’ fourth consecutive win in the tournament

With a last minute goal by Miguel Ponce, Chivas won 0-1 against Necaxa in Aguascalientes. The team led by Ricardo Cadena won its fourth game in a row and, after a perfect tournament closure, remains in the top places of the reclassification and with some chances of going directly to the final phase of the championship.

The Guadalajara goalkeeper avoided what could have been the first goal of the night, after a shot by Fernando Madrigal that Miguel Jiménez saved in a great way and drowning out the cry of goal at the Victoria Stadium.

Before Necaxa’s attack, the reaction was immediate on the part of Chivas and in the next play, in a drop by Alexis Vega who eluded the rival mark and assisted with a filtered pass from Carlos Cisneros, who closed the pincer with a powerful shot, however, Luis Malagón saved in a great way to avoid Guadalajara’s goal.

At the start of the second half, Alexis Vega took advantage of a mistake in the Necaxa team’s exit, which is why, with time and space on the outskirts of the area, he took a powerful cross shot to put the Flock in front.

After Guadalajara scored, César Arturo Ramos received a silent review by the VAR and, after analyzing the play for a few minutes on the monitor, the whistleblower decided to annul the goal, due to an alleged misplacement by Alexis Vega.

Faced with the controversial play in which Chivas’ goal was annulled, the team led by Ricardo Cadena did not lower their arms and in the final part of the match, in a corner charge, Miguel Ponce appeared with a powerful header to place the 0 to 1 in the game and give victory to Guadalajara.

With this result, Chivas reached 26 units and momentarily remains in fifth place in the general table, while Necaxa, with 23 units, remains in tenth place in the classification.

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Chronicle: Chivas arrives on a roll to the final phase after fourth consecutive victory