Chicharito Hernández involved in a complaint that shook Mexico

Chicharito Hernández is in the eye of the storm for a harsh accusation that has left all of Mexico shaken.

Chicharito Hernández is on everyone’s lips for a harsh accusation that has been resounding, with force, in Mexico.

Beyond what can be said about his career on the field of play, Chicharito Hernández is also questioned for everything related to Sarah Kohan, his ex-wife and mother of his two children.

As it turned out, the player was harshly criticized for an accusation that, apparently, has nothing to do with reality. In Mexico it began to be ensured that Chicharito Hernández prohibited Sarah Kohan from publishing photos of her children. The truth is that, while that was being discussed, the Australian model was publishing several postcards of her little ones although their faces are not seen, which suggested that Chicharito Hernández expressly requested it.

Sarah Kohan is overly focused on raising her children Noah and Nala. With no traces of Chicharito Hernández on the way, the model has been in charge of showing her days in good company and it shows that they are her only priority.

In a new interaction with her followers, Sarah bragged about all that Chicharito Hernández missed by leaving her alone with her children while he does his thing by training hard to boost his career.

Far from standing idly by, it seems that Sarah is over the top to defend everything that corresponds to her children and that is how she was already sharing photos of the little ones in full action to make Chicharito react!

Apparently, Sarah Kohan is adamant in her stance of letting go of everything that doesn’t do her good and instead focusing squarely on what she knows makes her happy.

Attentive to all the comments that she is receiving for exposing her children, she decided to block the comments in the publications in which they are in order to prevent them from obscuring the beautiful moments that they are living.

In this way, not even the player can be present to send a message, at least by that means of communication, to his children.

Many believe that this attitude also puts him in check with respect to the image that his followers have of him. The fact that you are questioning your role as a parent is not something that causes you much grace and, on the contrary, it makes you angry.


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Chicharito Hernández involved in a complaint that shook Mexico