Chicharito: From ‘owner’ of the National Team to ‘stinker’ of Martino

Mexican soccer has short memory. Today, the popular clamor indicates that Javier Hernández “should” being called up to the National Team less than eight months before the World Cup, overlooking the fact that it was the striker himself who closed the doors for some time.

It is no secret to anyone that ‘Chicharito’ did and undid in the Tricolor at will, protected by his status as a figure for his career in Europe in clubs like Manchester United and Real Madrid, and later by becoming the top scorer in the history of the Aztec team.

Hernandez was able to to delay the departure of a bus with the tricolor squad on board so that he would wait for his partner on duty, or if he simply did not like it or did not feel like it, he decided not to attend commercial commitments in which he was required.

In the middle of the 2018 Russian World Cup, together with Miguel Layún, Javier led the ‘dissatisfied‘ that they wanted a higher percentage in the distribution of the economic prizes, all this during the management of Juan Carlos Osorioand revealed by a source very close to the Colombian.


From the September 6, 2019 when he played a friendly against the United States (3-0) in which he scored a goal, ‘Chicharito’ has not worn the National Team shirt again.

It was on that tour of the American Union that the indiscipline that to date has vetoed the Tricolor goal, courtesy of Gerardo Martino and Yon de Luisa.

It turns out that a few hours before facing Argentina, Javier, Miguel Layún, Guillermo Ochoa, Héctor Moreno and Marco Fabián went out to a ‘brunch’ in New York, and sooner rather than later they became public on social networks the photographs in which they appeared accompanied by women, who would have traveled on the same Tricolor plane, after the help of a logistics member of the FMF, at the request of “Chicharito”.

When the ‘exit’ to the exclusive NY site was made public, it was argued that the players were in their free timebut Hernández no longer participated in the friendly against Argentina in which Mexico was thrashed 4-0, in the first trial against an elite team during Martino’s first months as national coach.

The ‘help‘ and complicity of the logistics character towards the soccer players cost him the joband as it transpired, Javier did not intervene in this regard, much less offered any explanation or apology for what happened to ‘Tata’ or De Luisa.

At that time, Hernández was arranging his change from West Ham to Sevilla, and both his level and effectiveness in front of goal were in frank slope.

It was the ‘argument’ —pretext— perfect to justify that in the coming months it was not considered in the calls and there was even talk of a “mutual agreement” between the attacker and the technician.

Javier’s time at Sevilla was anecdotal and he received the millionaire offer from the LA Galaxy, so he arrived in the MLS as “a legend” —in his own words—, but he had a first season disastrous.

It was not until last year that he moderately began to resurface and with it the insistence of the press and a sector of the fans to request his return to the National Team, especially because the serious injury of Raul Jimenez; however, before granting a pardon to Hernández, Martino decided to wait for the paperwork to naturalization of his countryman Rogelio Funes Mori would come to fruition to call him immediately and install it As the ‘9headline of the Tricolor.


Martino’s decision to keep vetoed the ‘Chicharito’ of the Aztec group can be interpreted from different perspectives: a posture firm in the face of indiscipline, inability to yield, decline to seek a dialogue with the player or even reluctance to forget what happened.

Be the reason that moves the Argentine or Yon de Luisa, the serious mistake It has been not speaking clearly. Every time they are questioned about the absence of Javier Hernández in a call since he has had a good time with the Galaxy, the answer is vague: “it is my decisionI see other players” or “I do not have it”, as the president of the FMF responded to this chain a few days ago.

Why is it so hard for you to talk things over? clarity? So simple that it would be to report that you have not received a call for a indiscipline and because he never showed his face to offer an apology, which Miguel Layún did, another of those involved.


Less than eight months before the World Cup and strictly attending to the issue sportsof course, Hernández has earned a calledabove all because the forwards summoned they are not having a good time. Raúl Jiménez maintains the title, but he is not the same since he returned from the serious injury, and Funes Mori simply has left big the tricolor shirt

That’s the way things are, you don’t see gap someone who predicts a different scenario for Javier, who will almost certainly be left out of the World Cup for an extra-football issue as happened to elements of the hierarchy at the time, call him Alfredo Tena or Cuauhtemoc Blanco.

After he came to feel and behave like the ‘owner‘ of the National Team, today for Martino el ‘Chicharito’ does not existor at best it is the closest thing to a ‘plagued‘.

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Chicharito: From ‘owner’ of the National Team to ‘stinker’ of Martino