‘Caramelo’ revealed what he has been doing to follow Mexico around the world for 36 years

In an exclusive interview with ESPN Digital, ‘Caramelo’, the number 1 fan of the Mexican National Team, told how he manages to accompany the national team around the world

GIRONA — “It’s not ill-gotten money,” he clarifies ‘Candy’. A close friend of yours takes some time to, in a space of the interview, speak with whoever writes this.

“He doesn’t like to touch anything on economic issues,” however, Hector Chavez Ramirez asks for one more recording to clarify where he gets his resources to pay for his innumerable trips in support of the Mexican teambecause in the first question it does not clarify it.

Candy he graduated in business administration”, he begins to say, but the question is directly from this side.

But where do you get the money? How to follow the National Team around the world?

‘Caramelo’ takes a breath, lets it out and launches: “Caramelo currently works in real estate. I started as a jeweler. I lasted 28 years in the field of buying and selling jewelry. Real estate allows me to continue to Mexico. For example, today I closed a commercial negotiation in Chihuahua. Today the bell rang (it made a sale) ”, he affirms proudly.

–But, how did you fix it if you’re here in Girona?

“Remember that today technology allows you to be connected throughout the world, (you can’t see him charging a computer), so I can close negotiations remotely,” he stresses.

According to the portal www.mexicotravelchannel, packages are offered to Qatar with a cost that goes from 11 thousand 782 dollars, (235 thousand 640 MXN) with an exchange rate of 20 pesos per dollar up to 16 thousand 912 dollars, 338 thousand 240 MXN, amounts that depend on the category (4*, 5* and 5*Plus) and if it is single or double.

“With the real estate business, it allows me to manage my business and receive commissions. I dedicate myself to commercial real estate, not to the residential issue,” he insists.

We interrupt him. We have heard from people who go to so many places following Mexico that it is incredible the costs that you assume, for example, to go to Qatar. I know that real estate is well earned, but if it is affordable?, he is insisted.

“They are very wrong. The income I have is transparent, fully accounted for, I pay 100 percent of my tax contributions to the Treasury, so there is nothing.”

–How much do you earn monthly Caramel?

“It is highly variable. It can fluctuate between 60,000 or up to 400,000 pesos per month. If I close a contract with a company, I can take 400,000 pesos, but if I do nothing, then I won’t take anything.”

–What does Caramelo do to travel with the National Team and play 479 games against Sweden while continuing to support Mexico?

“Once a World Cup tournament ends, we have to save at least 10 percent or five percent of what they earn monthly. That can certainly take you to a World Cup, but there are people who don’t and sometimes prefer to sell their things, it’s respectable, but that’s how I’ve gone to all the World Cups”, he replies Hector Chavezwho debuts a colorful outfit made in Mexico.

For now, the ‘Number 1 Fan’ of El Tri already has his three tickets for Qatar. He claims to have made a great economic and time effort, but he already has his three tickets to be in the world Cup. Mexico will face Poland, Argentina Y Saudi Arabia.

“It is not my goal to get a Guinness record,” he highlights when he talks about the number of parties he has supported Mexico from the stands. Until today, he assures, he has 278, but against Sweden he will add 479 since 1986.

Originally from Chihuahua, the character in question also has another recognition as the best international fan, but he does not remember who gave it to him.

“As long as God gives me work and health, I will continue as ambassador of the National Team.”

chavez no doubt. The Mexican fans are number 1.

“Qatar is ready to welcome all Mexicans. I hope it’s the World Cup in Mexico”, he shouts as he gets up to show his new clothing that he will debut at the imminently upcoming World Cup and that cost 7,500 pesos, since it was designed by the same person who made the boxer’s suits Jorge ‘The Naughty Maple”, as well as several Mexican wrestlers.

Also, he created a new stamp that reveals it will show on December 18 with the welcome for the World Cup 2026 where Mexico will receive it along with the United States and Canada.

–What is your greatest joy that the National Team has given you?

“Four times”, he answers immediately: The gold medal in London 2012, the 1999 Confederations Cup, the 2005 and 2011 Under-17 world championships. “These are moments of great happiness”, but he accepts that the worst pain he has received of the greens is the defeat against the United States in the Korea-Japan World Cup in 2002.

–And your prognosis for Qatar?

Mexico beat Poland 2-1, beat Argentina 1-0 with a bump even if no one believes it and ended with a two-way draw with Saudi Arabia”.

Hector says that Qatar It can be a springboard for Mexico to reach beyond the fifth game, because it even believes that it can be the ‘dark horse’ of the competition as Croatia was at the time, which reached the semifinals as happened in France 98 and Russia 2018.

Will we ever see Mexico World Champion?, he is questioned. Caramelo looks up and answers: “It’s the dream, it’s the dream, like the day I decided to follow the National selection in all his matches for 36 years”.

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‘Caramelo’ revealed what he has been doing to follow Mexico around the world for 36 years