Bale’s trap against Madrid

Gareth Bale has barely appeared this season with the real Madrid. After the three august games who kicked off LaLiga, the Welshman got injured and he has not seen him in white again. Just when i was close to reappearing, the winger traveled with Wales, played 45 minutes, the local Federation reported a new rdrop for discomfort in the soleus.

This injury joins a numerous chapter of discomfort in his career in Madrid and in the Sanhedrin of El Larguero de la Cadena SER they analyze how affects this injury to Real Madrid and also their attitudes towards the club and the national team.

The program director, Manu Carreñor, together with Javier Herráez, they pointed out the ‘trick’ that Bale did 48 hours before going to Wales. “If he trains he has a medical discharge. Real Madrid cannot say that he is injured if he is training,” Herráez assured pointing out the reason that both Bale and Wales could use if they did not let him go to the 11th call.

“Bale was injured until 48 hours before leaving with his national team, who trained with the group. Ask to train with the group … Maybe someone has to tell him, “You can’t train with the group, I’m not going to discharge you yet,” added Carreño.

Following this explanation, Antón Meana expanded the information prior to the debate. “Bale’s environment, which is more closed than other times, says that Bale is not to blame for injuring himself, that it will continue to happen because his leg is not 100% but that he is working well and recovered. They assume that there will be no renewal, but they do not understand the rumors of withdrawal in June. That the objective was to play but that he could not because he is injured. Obviously if Wales passes the play-off, Bale will continue to play football because he will be the star of his team in the World Cup. but if they explain to you in a resigned way that the soleus is not right and that it will happen many times … “, he explained.

The journalist of the Being compared it to the Sergio Ramos situation and the injury that dragged on for months. “It reminds me of the calm with which the Ramos explain about Sergio. They say that he works, trains and that they do not understand criticism of an injured player. You wanted him to Ramos out to the national team with the a whopping 0 games in Madrid, but now it seems wrong to you that Bale wants to play for his country, when he is Spanish you love it … Bale plays à la carte, chooses the matches, Just like when Solari was coaching Madrid, he chose to prepare well to play the Club World Cup in December and be chosen the best player of the tournament, you got it. I think that Bale is selfishly interested in playing a little with Madrid, because if he wants to reach the March play-off, he has to get shot “, Meana explained shedding light on the possible roadmap of the Welsh winger.

“He is a provocateur”

With the situation explained, Manu Carreño was one of the first to comment on the Welshman. “Bale has gone one step further and is now a provocateur. I say this because if in addition to knowing that you have been injured with Wales, which we have already known, you stay to watch the second instead of returning here to recover, when you know that your team has already qualified for the repechage, you you stay in the stands, have the decency to say: “I am not going to play, I return to Madrid”, said on the forms of the Welshman.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

In that same line he moved Matallanas, soccer correspondent in AS. “The criticism is that he is injured with Wales, that he trains with Madrid and plays with Wales, that is the criticism,” he clarified.

For July Polished What is remarkable in this case is that the Real Madrid fan doesn’t miss the player anymore. He considers that the Welshman has “anesthetized” the stands with these matters. “Ancelotti says that it is good that he leaves to pick up rhythm, but he says that Wales will have to evaluate the player whether or not he is here to play. They evaluate him, put him in and as he was not there to play, he gets injured. It is irresponsible. from Wales and Bale. The point is that he must also play for Madrid, but he only plays for Wales. The most dramatic thing is that You ask the fan and they don’t care. Bale has got the fan to be anesthetized “he explained.

Talavera, for his part, wanted to distribute responsibilities among all parties: player, federation and club. “It’s easy to catch Bale as a pim pam pum doll, but Madrid has responsibility for it. Wales summons him, but the club has allowed it, Tottenham last year and Madrid this, “he sentenced.

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Bale’s trap against Madrid