Improved hosting for GL prospects

CHICAGO – Most minor league players will have their own dormitories in lodging facilities provided by teams under a new major league policy.

As part of an improvement to the conditions of the players of the minors in the face of widespread criticism, the Major Leagues (MLB) enacted a lodging policy according to which the teams must house them in places furnished with beds for each one without more than two of them occupy the same bedroom.

The accommodation must be “located at a reasonable and walkable distance from the stadium,” the commissioner’s office said Thursday. The teams must assume the payments of the basic services.

“When apartments, rental homes or family accommodations are not available, teams can choose to provide hotel rooms that meet established standards,” added MLB.

Although clubs generally arranged hotel accommodation for away matches, players often had to arrange their accommodation for home matches.

Players retain the right not to use the accommodation provided by their team.

According to MLB projections, the policy will cover 90% of minor league players, including those assigned to extended preseason training and the Arizona Complex League.

The policy will not apply to players on minor league contracts who earn $ 100,000 or more or to players on major league contracts but optionally or directly sent to the minors.

“This is a historic victory for the players who forced the league to intervene due to their expressions during the 2021 season,” Minor League Baseball Defenders director Harry Marino said in a statement.

“Let’s be clear: this victory is the result of the collective action of the players. While the magnitude of the victory should not be overstated, it is important to recognize that minor league players did not have a formal voice in the details of the plan. “

After effectively lobbying for Congress to exempt minor league players from federal minimum wage laws, MLB raised pay by 28 to 72% when minor leagues resumed activities in 2021 after a one-season absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minimum weekly payouts for rookie players rose from $ 290 to $ 400, for Class A players from $ 290 to $ 500, Double A from $ 350 to $ 600 and Triple A from $ 502 to $ 700. Players only get paid during the campaign.


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Improved hosting for GL prospects