Ancelotti: “In Paris? 4-3-3”

Vinicius and Benzema score goals again, they are the pillars of the team.

Before I start, I have to say that this is a sad day for Levante. I want to send you a message of support, for Alessio, who is Italian, but I am convinced that they will be back soon. Speaking of both, they have done very well, combining very well, like the whole season. The credit goes to a job that the team does to show all their quality. Time has helped the two to understand each other.

What system will we see in Paris?

The 4-3-3. That sometimes can happen to a 4-4-2. I think there is no defined system, sometimes to put pressure on the pivot, as we did against City, you go from 4-3-3 to 4-4-1-1. The idea does not change much, just a little the way of defending the rival, of putting pressure on him.

Courtois can be Zamora…

Lunin is going to play against Cádiz and Courtois against Betis.

Have any of your teams ever finished the season so well?

We arrived well, self-esteem has grown a lot, we have this challenge of playing in the final after winning the League, we know that there is a lack of time and that we have to have intensity, the team gave very good signs. We work very well in the field.

Is he the best coach in Europe now? Otherwise, who is he?

It is difficult to answer that. I don’t like to give myself votes, others give them to me. I like to live a happy moment. I hope I can continue like this for a long time. We have a very big goal, we are going to give everything.

Valverde shoots more, dares more.

The Valverde of recent times is the one who shows his quality on the pitch. He has an amazing shot and he has to enjoy it. Today is not unusual. If he has a chance, he has to shoot. The physical aspect, the verticality of it, is rare today in a medium.

Are Rodrygo and Valverde putting you in a bind to decide for the final?

Both are going to play the final, it’s true.

In Movistar: “Against Cádiz those who have not been today will play”

Descent of the Levant

First of all, it is not a happy day. It is a sad day for Levante. I want to send you a message of support, hopefully you can come back soon. It was a good match for us, we were well concentrated. It is the right road to prepare for the final.

Empathize with the opponent

This is soccer. The best way to respect is to give the maximum and we have done so. All our love and support for Levante and Alessio, who have tried everything. We wish them well.


We have done well, with rhythm and intensity. It’s what we wanted, high intensity for team dynamics.

Vinicius and his hat-trick

For a striker to score is always important. He had never scored so much. At this moment we don’t need anything special, we already have the dream of the final.

Benzema, in Raúl’s numbers

He always gives everything and hits a lot. He is a fantastic player.

Canticles of the Bernabéu to Ancelotti

I appreciate the support, they always do. We are all together, club, players, fans…


Against Cádiz will play those who have not been today like Kroos or Casemiro. I think we got Ceballos, Asensio, Hazard back… We have almost the entire squad ready and prepared.

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Ancelotti: “In Paris? 4-3-3”